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Jungletrain radio show 5/23/2012 – mp3 and tracklist

Here’s the radio stream and tracklist for last Wednesdays show… took ages to build this tracklist and include links to all the tunes, let me know if there’s any errors! Pretty fun show, lost a bit of stream towards the end but plenty of good tunes I had almost forgotten about (played a lot of stuff posted 2-3 years ago on the blog). Almost all stuff right off the blog plus a few tracks off an upcoming comp of 91-97 throwback tracks by some pretty big artists, which I’ll be featuring some info on soon. Normally I don’t post much newer stuff, but some tracks on this record really grabbed me. In fact, before I built a tracklist I was listening back to this show and trying to remember what record one of those throwback tunes came from!

Tunes marked “???????” will be posted on the blog over the next couple weeks… if you tuned in and hung out in the chat or passed on info about the show, you’d already know what most of them are / have mp3s 😛 I think I’m going to play around with things like this every show, since uptake on the RT was still a bit slow.


Stu J – Gadget
Time & Krimson – Let the Music Go
Psychotropic – Goodtime Hardtime (Good and Hard Global Remix)
Lloydie Crucial & Peter Ranks – The Cow (Don Gorgon House)
Beat Masters – Untitled A
UDG – Heaven
Macka Brown – Princess of the Posse
Taype – Rentaghost (Weird Jester Mix) [1992 Tribute] ????????????????????????????
Abstract Minds – Thoughts of Mind
Positiv Noyz – Unity
Progression – On a Rubbish Tip (Recycled Mix)
Unique 3 – Open Your Mind (Tribe Vibes)
Unknown Artist – Light of the Underground A
Nebula II – Flatliners
Nico – Mind Flux
DJ Junk – Junk05 A2
Freddy Fudpukker – Keep The Love Alive (Baby Bonny Mix)
Free Spirit – Optical Illusion
Urban Shakedown – Summer Break
Ionosphere – Perfect Hibernation
R-Core – Taking Hits [1993 Tribute] First Prodject – Interferance
Atomik – Battle of the Satellites
DJ Red Alert + Pepsi – Don Gorgon Sound
Chemical Vacation – Real Style
Fat Controller – In Complete Darkness
Syko and Mak – Comin Direct
Acid Beard Massive – Quantum Leap
DJ Spatts – Rollin Voodoo (Boshcorps Serenade)
Bay B Kane – Hyd and Seek
DJ Infinity – Eternal
Drunken Masters – Laughing Hyena (Original Mix)
Regression Sessions – Show You [1995 Tribute] Intelligent Minds – Voyage
Intense – Time Space Continuum
Persian Prince – Persianina Babylon
Aftermath – Everything Starts Now
The Criminal Minds – One Way System
Vicious Crew – No Politics Vol 2 A1
DJ SS – Rollidge
TDK – Hype Time
DJ FT – Stop Lick The Crack
Wishdokta – Rush Hour (Last Minute Mix)
Keen – Volume 2A
Law and Auder – Its Alright
Dope Skillz – 6 Milllion Ways
Skool of Hard Knocks – Kan U Feel It
Brock Out Crew – Haul and Pull
Dreadi-Knight & DJ Legacy – Yard RaveE Kude – Ls Theme
DJ Massive – The Shaker Song (Fat Props)
Jon Doe – feel The Bass
Biobreaks – Move
Mole The Dipper – Eye Of the Dinosaur
Wriggler Bascombe – Omega Hendron
Psychic Parasite – Come Back
Frankie Paul – Come Back To Me
DJ Rush Puppy – Bad Man Lighter (tease before end of show)

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