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Wishdokta – Rush Hour (Last Minute Mix)

I used to think of Wishdokta more for his techno hardcore tracks like “Evil Surrounds Us” or his happy hardcore, but he also did some absolutely mental, absolutely essential 92-93 hardcore/jungle. This whole EP is great, but “Rush Hour” in particular checks all the boxes for me – fast and frantic, cut up and layered breaks, loads of samples including a dodgy one that I maybe wasn’t so sure about the first time I heard the track, but which grew on me over time. In this case, aforementioned sample is from Tamsin Archer’s “Sleeping Satellite”, which was also sampled more thoroughly in Smooth and Energy’s “Did We Fly To The Moon Too Soon”. I’ll probably get around to posting that Smooth and Energy EP at some point, but this Wishdokta is a real favorite and deserves to be grabbed if you can find a vinyl copy.

Wishdokta – Rush Hour (Last Minute Mix)

3 Replies to “Wishdokta – Rush Hour (Last Minute Mix)”

  1. This is one of the finest moments in Wishdokta’s career, inc. Shaggy Riddims Ep & 4 U 2 B In XTC EPs. Fantastic Tunes in all cases.. 😉

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