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Psychic Parasite – Come Back

Probably my favorite single by Biochip C, Psychic Parasite was a wicked breakbeat hardcore project by him and Claudius Debold aka BC Kid. More straightforward and less technoey than their other projects, the “100% piano free” EP on Riot Beats is one of the strongest non-uk breakbeat hardcore EPs ever. They also did a wicked EP on Riot Beat’s parent label Force Inc, the Re-Animator EP.

Psychic Parasite – Come Back

9 Replies to “Psychic Parasite – Come Back”

  1. Slammin’

    Excellent blog, really loving the tunes, great to hear some more obscure stuff for a change rather than the same old “I’m the one and only dominator” back-to-92 cash in CDs

  2. Yep.. THIS tune is a GREAT example, that there REALLY was breakbeat hardcore-scene in Germany as well (In 1992-1994).. Many obscure great tunes, that were not known by many.. All tunes from this EP are just excellent.. 😉

  3. Excellent EP (as most of Riot Beats IMO). Mentionable that the A side track titles on the label are incorrect. They switched “Go Like That!” and “Come Back”.

    But why did you tag this record with “Netherlands”? It’s a German production.

  4. Same for the “Biochip C – Agoraphobia” 😉

    Anyway, thanks for posting all these reviews and sounds! I haven’t read all entries yet but will do in the next couple of days. Sounds really good so far definately! 🙂

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