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Category: radio announcement

BTTO Radio Returns tonight, 5pm est/ 10pm UK

Happy New Year! It’s been a while but BTTO Radio is finally back tonight. One hour each from Tim Reaper and me. Tim swears he has a fun theme for his hour, but has decided to keep it top secret until the show (ooh, mysterious…) I haven’t got a theme picked, but it’s been a month since I’ve done a radio show so there’s lots of fun 93-95 stuff sitting around. Plus some lovely new releases. Lock in then, 5pm est/ 10pm UK on, join the chat on, and maybe check the jungletrain facebook page for a live stream of the first hour if my webcam is cooperating.

BTTO Halloween Darkside Special tonight!

It’s that time of the year again: tonight Tim Reaper and I will be doing a 2 hour BTTO Halloween Darkside Special tonight. Tim will be going first with some stone cold classic darkside jams, plus a few crazy exclusives/obscurities. I’ll follow up with more beardy and challenging stuff to scare even the most die-hard fan.

It’s getting to be a fun challenge keeping these darkside sets fresh, as I’ve already done about 15-17 hours of them on JT and RF over the past few years, and (at least for now) try to repeat very few tunes between each one. But I spent a few hours rooting around my crates last night, and found a number of great tracks I’ve somehow never played on BTTO before (or not for years), plus a bunch of obscure stuff even those most jaded darkcore fan will hopefully be surprised with. If that sounds good, lock in tonight – should be a fun (and spooky) one 😈

The shows air at 6pm EST/ 10 PM UK / 11pm (notice the different time because of Daylight Savings) on, with live video second hour on the facebook page. Lock in then!

BTTO Radio Tonight (October 16th 2016)

Blog to the Oldskool Radio is back tonight on, 5pm est / 10pm uk time. I’ve got first hour with the exact opposite of last show – 60 minutes of super laid back vibey, classic atmospheric type tunes. Lots of more well known GLR classics with just a few unknown surprises. Tim will be following up with 60 minutes of choice shoe-on-head jungle. I’ll also be trying to do a FB video stream for the first hour via the facebook jungletrain page.