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Europe trip finds, vol 2 – Scotland

For the last part of my trip in Europe, I stopped off to play a show in Edinburgh, Scotland. Great city, but unfortunately there weren’t many stores there with good oldschool stuff. The two stores I found which did have a decent selection of old stuff were clearly pricing direct off discogs (one store didn’t even bother to price their second-hand records, instead they waited until you brought them to counter at which point they’d look on discogs – boo!). So, I only picked up a couple of records there, mainly cheapo stuff like the Oral B ep. This is an EP which ticks a lot of the “in-demand” boxes off – obscure small-label release, 6 tracker, colored vinyl, etc.. Unfortunately most of the tracks aren’t really anything to write home about. They’re OK but somewhat standard sounding – all the big rave sounds, but without any particularly inspired sequencing. Still, some of them are good enough, and for 6 pounds the price is right.

Oral B – The Oral B EP

One release I did find in a bargain bin there was a tight ragga jungle comp, “Fever In The Jungle 2”. At first I thought this was one of those dodgy comps w/ mostly noname acts (ala the “Deep In The Jungle” comp on Pandisc). However, it turns out this has some really nice cuts on it, from hard to find 94-95 ragga jungle singles. “If a Sound Test” has the classic “pass me a dubplate” ragga sample as used in Kemet 27. Ganja Plant has some nicely chopped amens, and Haul & Pull is a decent deeper track.

Unfortunately, the vinyl has the tracks in edited form, so they all fade out a bit early… meaning it’s probably way better to track down the CD version or the original singles these come from.

G Reel – If a Sound Test
Dread & The Bald Head – Ganja Plant
Brock Out Crew – Haul & Pull

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  1. A lot of the fist 2 fist, slam, drum and bass etc was made by Bizzy B and TDK (Brian being the bald head.._)….the guy who ran that label had so much back stock in his garage that he got sick of it and in 1999 he ended up selling them to the local pressing plant for pennies a piece to be recycled…

    these records probably got rinsed out more in Toronto than in all of england ha.

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