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Stu J – Gadget

OK, skipping the obscurities for a second and posting a long time favorite 91 track here… Despite being a relatively early tune, there’s quite a few parts in this one. The hip hop amen / combo break down leading to the simple synth drop works every time! Stu J went on to do some more 4/4 type hardcore stuff… even Gadget part deux already had stomping beats throughout! This one is definitely one of the all-time small label/whitelabel 91 classics in my opinion, simply a must-have for fans of hardcore from that era.

Stu J – Gadget

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  1. South Coast legend back in the day… Used to run Movement Records in Southampton & also Adrenalin nights at Madison’s in Bournemouth. He’d always play the warm up set before the main DJ’s came on…. 😉

  2. & Gadjet is the same of the release… this track is ‘Take Me To Your Leader’. People might get excited thinking you’ve posted both tracks lol…. 🙂

  3. Where do those track names come from? My copy looks just like the one above, no tracknames… are those written on the matrix or something?

  4. This track still is still a stormer. What’s funny, is that I just saw your post and I was playing this on Friday too. Rock On!

  5. Thanks guys, I’m blown away by some of the comments.

    The Take Me To Your Leader track sampled an amazing Belgian track called Moog Eruption by Digital Orgasm, Zhana ‘Sanctuary Of Love’ and some other Belgian track by Rave Crusader, in that order. Oh, the intro was from an ‘Ivor The Engine’ album that I still have somewhere!

    The other side was largely Inner City’s ‘Good Life’.

    All done with the help of my old friend Don on his Roland w30 workstation, my old Akai S950 samplers and proper old school Allen & Heath 24 track desk. I think we had an Alesis Quadraverb too, it’s a bloody long time ago!

    By the way, I never named the tracks, collectively the release was called Gadjet which was a stupid idea, almost everyone spelt the normal way anyway! lol

  6. thanks Stu, great tune and great to hear the gear it was made on!! Your other EP (part 2) is nice as well, still plan to post that sometime.

  7. What was the sample on “take me to your leader” says something like “back to the rhythm in this funky sound”??

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