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Intelligent Minds – Voyage

Here’s a tune which I’ve got no info on, aside from knowing it’s some nice atmospheric jungle which was likely made between 1994-96… Nice crunchy choirs and pianos, some subtle beatwork including layering of the same beat which gives a bit of a phase effect in parts, etc. The a-side of this is wicked as well, using vocals from Janet Jackson “Control” with a similar sound.
There’s a second EP on this label I’m on the lookout for, curious to know if it’s as good.

Intelligent Minds – Voyage

5 Replies to “Intelligent Minds – Voyage”

  1. It was released around August/September 1994 and was made by Eruption FM DJs Model & Transit. It’s a really underrated release.

  2. nice, thanks for the info! Definitely want to find that other Intelligent Minds EP now

  3. This really is an excellent release, and definitely underrated. The honest truth is that the second release is very similar and equally amazing. Some of the best atmospheric jungle I’ve ever heard.

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