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Beat Masters – Untitled

I meant to put this track in my last mix, but forgot about… doh!! Anywhere, here it is now… solid-as-arock hardcore with plenty of good elements: great scratch sample, Monie Love “Ring My Bell” vocal snippet, crazy filtered synth, etc. It does get pretty repetitive and the beats aren’t exactly crazy, but it’s perfect for mixing and just a very good all around hardcore tune. No idea about the artist(s) behind it, however this label also did the DJ Vinyl “Charged Up” EP which I also have but am not nearly as much of a fan of.
The B side to this EP is cool as well: really dark, slow (~130 bpm) brooding hardcore with that “you’re all my children now” sample (possibly rerecorded). Another one of those records where it’s hard to pick a side to post, but A side wins out for today. Definitely one to look for, seems to be going for a bit on discogs right now but I’m almost positive I picked my copy up used for 2 or 3.

Beat Masters – Untitled A

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