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Category: Videos

World Dance July 31st 1993 Video

Here’s a nice rave video I haven’t seen before, from the World Dance party July 31st 1993. Thanks to Paul in the BCJ group on facebook for posting it! As far as I can tell there’s no live PAs or other audio-video synced bits of note, however there’s a lot of nice tunes and good clips from the party.

Hyper-On Experience Interview Series

The final clip from Tim Cant’s Hyper-On Experience interview series was posted today. All in all, it’s been one of the most interesting and engaging interviews I’ve seen related to oldskool in a long while. As Tim Reaper pointed out, this period happened so long ago and so quickly (a few short years 20 years ago) that it’s a challenge for some artists to even remember all the tunes they were making back then, let alone nitty gritty details of each one. But somehow Alex from Hyper-On remembers it all: from the sample sources, to what people were saying and doing in the studio at the time, to what they were thinking when programming a particular beat. For those bits he doesn’t remember, there’s a nice part where he listens back to one of the later Hyper-On tunes and re-evaluates it / says what he’d do differently now. It’s hard for me to be objective since Hyper-On were/are my favorite oldskool act by far, but I’d like to think these interviews would be quite interesting even to a non-fan. Wicked interview, Tim and Alex!

Obscure 95 Jungle Video

Here’s a jungle-centric video from 95 I’ve never seen before. Thanks to Tim Reaper for pointing me to this and to Charlie Turbo from “Beautifully Crafted Jungle” group for posting it. What’s interesting about this one is, taking a quick look through, I don’t see any real big name djs/mcs in there (there’s some shots of Dream FM which was a quite big happy hardcore centric pirate). Instead, it seems more in a “day in the life of” of some kids into the music at the time, which is cool because for every Bukem or Hype or MC GQ there were thousands of hungry MC’s and DJ’s trying to make waves.

“Where were you in 92?” Hippies-In-India Edition

Something a little different from the usual 92 rave videos you see posted around… here’sa 92 rave in Goa, India.
Don’t worry I’m not going to start posting Goa Trance on the blog, but kinda fun to see a very different type of party (where the sound of the music is almost drowned out by the sound of the ocean).