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DJ Infinity – Eternal

First post of the singles I nabbed on my UK trip, here’s a great little 94 EP from DJ Infinity aka Bill Vega, who more recently has done breaks tunes with Paul Smailes aka New Decade (pretty sure I posted a mix by them) and was otherwise involved with tracks on the out of romford label. “Eternal” is a really solid jungle track, I think the other side is more popular since it’s an amen tear out tune (and those usually win out), but this B side is the one that does it for me… layered up hotpants break + one of those classic oldskool samples reversed + sinister pianos + what sounds like a lowpassed digeridoo. Cool stuff, not exceedingly technical sequencing-wise, but more than does the trick and a sick vibey track for sure.

DJ Infinity – Eternal

2 Replies to “DJ Infinity – Eternal”

  1. Is it me, or is that that eerie sample that Source Direct and Photek also like to use so much at 2:12? 🙂
    Nice one!

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