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Author: Pete

BTTO Radio Sets Feb 5th 2017

Here’s the sets from last Sunday… really enjoyed both of these! Mine I think was a bit more “listenable” than normal despite being not that many obvious tunes. I chucked in lots of personal favs that get stuck in my head a decent amount, so who knows, maybe some of them will get stuck in other people’s head too.

Tim went utterly and thoroughly in on some ragga jungle stuffs, deadly traxx. I saw copies of at least one release disappear off discogs while he was playing it 🙂
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BTTO Radio Shows 1-22-2017

Here’s the archives for the Jungletrain shows from two Sundays ago – thanks to everyone who locked. Tim hit it out of the park with his atmospherical set. Mine was a bit more of a mixed bag of styles, from 93 darkness and jungle techno up through ripping techno, but I’m really happy with the selection of tunes… give em both a listen and like/reshare if you dig em!

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PBB – Greetings Remix

Here’s something I ripped ages ago but then forgot about… I’ve had it stuck in my head the past few days though, so give it a listen! Classic track by a beyond-classic artist on an underrated label (Limited E Edition, the sub-label to Ibiza), this has a lot of the classic Ibiza elements down – crispy breaks, bleep synths, classic soul vocals (according to Discogs it’s the “let no man put asunder” vocal though I don’t remember this line?) , etc. Good stuff!

PBB – Greetings Remix

Theory – Funkin Since 11

Damn, back to slacking with the tune posts…. here’s an odd obscure-for-the-sake-of tune to make up for it. No idea about this one, other than I’d never seen it before so took a chance on it. It’s supposedly a US record (according to Discogs), though I don’t remember whether there was any indication about that on the record or if someone just made a guess when listing it on discogs. Music-wise, It’s a sampleadelic hodgepodge of various riffs, acid squelches, questionable vocals, etc; total “Throw the whole plate at the wall and see what sticks’ style. Also, the first sample in the tune sounds like the intro of the Liquid Aliens EP, might be the same source sample? Not sure what else to add really, it’s just an odd, fun tune that I doubt other people have heard, so give it a listen.

Theory – Funkin Since 11

BTTO Radio Returns tonight, 5pm est/ 10pm UK

Happy New Year! It’s been a while but BTTO Radio is finally back tonight. One hour each from Tim Reaper and me. Tim swears he has a fun theme for his hour, but has decided to keep it top secret until the show (ooh, mysterious…) I haven’t got a theme picked, but it’s been a month since I’ve done a radio show so there’s lots of fun 93-95 stuff sitting around. Plus some lovely new releases. Lock in then, 5pm est/ 10pm UK on, join the chat on, and maybe check the jungletrain facebook page for a live stream of the first hour if my webcam is cooperating.

CIS Production – Grave Digger

Here’s a slept-on 94 track I meant to play for the past two radio shows, but didn’t get around to – might as well post it here!! I’m not sure if it really counts as “darkside” since it’s a bit late for that. Instead, it’s more gloriously gross, moody and odd choppy low-fi jungle. “Grave Digger” is packed to the brim with 8 bit sounding samples (soundtrack pads, movie vocals, dog barks, etc) all mashed together for 6 minutes of nonstop craziness.

I certainly can’t see this tune winning over any novices to the genre, but this is exactly the type of craziness I love finding hidden on the B2 side of some otherwise nondescript bargain bin jungle EP. One for the anoraks and those whose taste runs to the dark and moody side of jungle!!

CIS Production – Grave Digger