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Biobreaks – Tenebre

I’ve posted a lot of Biochip C/Martin Damm-related material on this site since I started. No reason to break from that trend now, so here’s one of my favorite EPs from him. “Tenebre” reminds me most closely of his other Riot Beats EP as Psychic Parasite.
“Move” uses the classic “nobody move, nobody get hurt” vocal as used in Dance Conspiracy “Dub War”, Gunshot “Nobody Move”, and others. It also takes the main riff from “Der Klang Der Famile” by 3 Phase, as used in the Jeff Mills classic “Phase 4” not to mention Bay B Kane’s “How Should I start”. Finally, there’s a bit of classic biochip acid in there, along with frantic pitch shifted breakbeats. Oh yeah, the “bad boy” sample from Hijack is in there too.

“What is that name” opens with the classic Poltergeist Biochip C used in “Hell’s Bells”, but gets more extreme than the original, sampling bits of DJ Hype “Shot in the dark” and again pitching frantic breakbeats all over the place.

The B side of this single is nice as well, featuring a solid ragga jungle tune that’s maybe more “playable” than the two tracks posted here. But since I love frantic crazy stuff most, these are the two you get.

Did I mention it’s named after a classic Dario Argento movie?

Yell-O-Phase says:

This sounds really ruff! Pure madness in Martin Damm-style.. 🙂

  • nope, stupid spelling mistake, will correct when I’ve got a sec 🙂
    Also gotta post some other biochip record I finally nailed that is TOOOOO GOOOOOd… need to sort out the ripping issues first tho.

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