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Recordings of Previous Blog to the Oldskool Radio Shows

BTTO Radio Sets Feb 5th 2017

Here’s the sets from last Sunday… really enjoyed both of these! Mine I think was a bit more “listenable” than normal despite being not that many obvious tunes. I chucked in lots of personal favs that get stuck in my head a decent amount, so who knows, maybe some of them will get stuck in other people’s head too.

Tim went utterly and thoroughly in on some ragga jungle stuffs, deadly traxx. I saw copies of at least one release disappear off discogs while he was playing it 🙂
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BTTO Radio Shows 1-22-2017

Here’s the archives for the Jungletrain shows from two Sundays ago – thanks to everyone who locked. Tim hit it out of the park with his atmospherical set. Mine was a bit more of a mixed bag of styles, from 93 darkness and jungle techno up through ripping techno, but I’m really happy with the selection of tunes… give em both a listen and like/reshare if you dig em!

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BTTO Radio Sets October 2nd 2016

Here’s the radio sets from the Sunday before last. Tim played some nice vibey stuff to start, then got a bit weirder as it went on. I played a set of darkside, IDM, reversed acidcore, bleep records at 33, house records at 45, etc. Big thanks to FACT Magazine for mentioning my mix!

By the way, in case anyone hasn’t noticed, I’m starting to hide soundcloud + mixcloud embeds behind a “click here for more” button. This is so the front page (which typically contains 5 or more of these) doesn’t take 800 pages to load / break browsers on smartphones etc. I also standardized the audio player to be a non-flash based option. Hopefully more small improvements coming soon for the blog! (if anyone specializes in wordpress design and has some thoughts, feel free to drop me a line).
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Dev/Null – BTTO Radio Sept 5 2016 – Easygroove Tribute Set

Here’s my Easygroove tribute from last Sunday.. I wanted to wait a few more days to post it, but a couple people were asking for a download on facebook. This was the first time I’ve tried streaming video of the set live on Facebook, and while response was a let down while it was going on (maybe 1-3 people tuned in max at any given time?), the archived video has gone on to get a decent response… so maybe I’ll try it again next show 🙂

Speaking of which, Here’s the video stream archived if anyone wants to watch boring footage of my hands pitching records up and down for an hour.

As with Tim’s set, this was a tribute to a favorite DJ, featuring all tracks he used to play and a lot of “signature” tracks. For this Easygroove set, I mainly focused on tracks he played a few times OR personal favorites he played which not many other (if any) djs played. You can tell it’s a bit biased towards the Fantazia NYE 92-93 set since that’s my favorite set of all time, but there’s plenty of other great tunes in there.

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Tim Reaper – BTTO Radio Sept 5 2016 – LTJ Bukem Tribute Set

Here’s Tim’s absolutely wicked LTJ Bukem Tribute set from Sunday’s BTTO Radio show. For this show, we decided to each take a personal favorite DJ and play tracks which they used to play in the 92-95 era. I took Easygroove, and Tim took LTJ Bukem. The tracklisting for his Bukem tribute says it all, absolutely chock full of only the most top tier classics from that era. Tim even included a reconstruction of the track Photek – “Feeling Up” which Bukem used to play on dub but which was never released.
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