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Trigger Happy EP (new 93-95 style hhc label)

Even though I don’t post much happy hardcore here, I’m definitely a fan of the earliest stuff, 93-95 or thereabouts. Enter Trigger Happy, a new label which is releasing new tunes in that style from semi-anonymous producers. I don’t post many new releases, but aside from the guy releasing it being a buddy, the tunes here are WICKED and have been stuck in my head the past couple weeks. Definitely one to nab, limited too if I remember right (no surprise there!).

A Not-So-Brief History of Oldskool Hardcore Reissues

Recently, there was a heavily shared piece written by Ian McQuaid of the “Ransom Note” website regarding Oldskool Hardcore Reissues. The article focused entirely on two individuals / labels who seem to have been doing the largest number of reissues as of late: Robin of Stay on Target, and DJ Jedi of Jedi Recordings. I’m friendly with both Robin and Jedi, and have huge respect for Simon Underground who is handling the pressing and distro side of Robin’s releases – full support to their releases. However, the article focused only on these two people in the present and completely neglected to mention anyone else involved past or present with these type of releases – some of who have already reissued some of the tracks discussed in the piece. Since I’ve been buying these reissues from the time they started (and really relied on them early on since I didn’t have the cash for original presses of many records), I think it’s important to try to document the history of these type of releases: when and where they started, who the main movers and shakers were, and how the releases changed over the years in format/sales.

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Back in the Daze, Pt 1 (Boston Jungle Article)

My buddy Geoff / G-White just posted the first part in a series on the Jungle/Drum & Bass scene here in Boston. Really nice stuff so far, short and to the point with excellent flyers and photos from parties. Of particular interest to me since I’m from here, but some of you might also be a bit interested in what was brewing across the pond back then 🙂


8205/BTTO Record Sale @ Together Record Fair

I’ll be selling records at the Together Record Fair in Cambridge, MA this Saturday afternoon, May 21st, 4pm – 8pm.
Hardcore/Jungle, Early Hiphop, House, Techno, Garage, all sorts of dance music really.
Some super rare things, but LOTS and LOTS more relatively cheap ($3-8) obscure things being sold for $1-3. Big discounts on bulk buys (take my records… please!!).
I’ve got about 7 crates cordoned off, about to start digging through and pricing stuff… wish me luck!!

For more info, click the pic above or go here:

New (Old) Release Roundup

OK, this has been long in the making, been slack about writing about new releases since it’s usually not my thing but, due to delays w/ the next 8205 release(s) getting sorted, at the very least I should give props to some of the other great labels putting out stuff.

First up is a new Invisible Man Release – The Journey. This is a wicked tune which I’ve played once or twice on b2os radio, which is finally seeing the light of day on wax alongside another released-but-hard-tof ind track of his.
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Criminal Minds Recordings releases out digitally

Good news for fans of classic Criminal Minds stuff – a bunch of their releases are in the process of being put out digitally, remastered by Macc/Subvert Mastering! So far it’s mostly been the hip hop EPs and albums, some of which are quite rare and pricey (Tales from the Wasteland goes for serious cash on discogs), however they snuck inthe Criminal EP in there which is an essential slice of 92 hardcore:

Really doesn’t get better than that EP – grab a copy and check all the releases put out so far below:
TCM Recordings Releases

Also, be sure to check the interview I did with Spatts of Criminal Minds some years back

Blog to the Oldskool Radio Archives on Mixcloud

I Finally went back and uploaded all previous BTTO radio shows to Mixcloud, for those who prefer that site to Soundcloud. Feel free to check them via the link on the right, or umm I guess the link in the previous sentence. As an added bonus, many of these have been tracklisted in-line and had start/end points set for tunes, so you can tell exactly what tune is playing when. If you find any which don’t have that which you want to really know, feel free to leave a comment and I’ll go back and try to do them.

DJ Cherokee – Headstrong

Here’s a nice never-before-released tune from 92 which I saw posted a few places (b2vos, discogs)… definitely worth nabbing while it’s available. Originally the artist wanted to do a limited vinyl press, unfortunately I don’t think the demand was what he wanted. As mentioned in the last post, 92 stuff doesn’t seem to be as popular as it was just a few years ago, with a lot of people focusing on later jungle. Still, this is a wicked track, and I’d definitely buy a copy if it ever made it to vinyl. For now, the artist has graciously provided WAV downloads, so I suppose anyone really committed to vinyl can get a dub cut.
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