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Category: News

Trigger Happy EP (new 93-95 style hhc label)

Even though I don’t post much happy hardcore here, I’m definitely a fan of the earliest stuff, 93-95 or thereabouts. Enter Trigger Happy, a new label which is releasing new tunes in that style from semi-anonymous producers. I don’t post many new releases, but aside from the guy releasing it being a buddy, the tunes…

A Not-So-Brief History of Oldskool Hardcore Reissues

Recently, there was a heavily shared piece written by Ian McQuaid of the “Ransom Note” website regarding Oldskool Hardcore Reissues. The article focused entirely on two individuals / labels who seem to have been doing the largest number of reissues as of late: Robin of Stay on Target, and DJ Jedi of Jedi Recordings. I…

8205/BTTO Record Sale @ Together Record Fair

I’ll be selling records at the Together Record Fair in Cambridge, MA this Saturday afternoon, May 21st, 4pm – 8pm. Hardcore/Jungle, Early Hiphop, House, Techno, Garage, all sorts of dance music really. Some super rare things, but LOTS and LOTS more relatively cheap ($3-8) obscure things being sold for $1-3. Big discounts on bulk buys…

Unreleased Voyager tunes from 99/2000

I just noticed Pete Parsons / Voyager recently put up 3 tunes on soundcloud which were written back in 1999-2000 but never released. Best of all, they’re currently downloadable. Very nice stuff!! Be sure to add him on there to see any future tracks he posts

Criminal Minds Recordings releases out digitally

Good news for fans of classic Criminal Minds stuff – a bunch of their releases are in the process of being put out digitally, remastered by Macc/Subvert Mastering! So far it’s mostly been the hip hop EPs and albums, some of which are quite rare and pricey (Tales from the Wasteland goes for serious cash…

Warlock – Classic Mixes

Warlock (Rag & Bone, ex Kickin Records staff if I remember right?) hit me up recently about a bunch of classic mixes he posted on soundcloud. Finally got around to checking a few and they are sick! Definitely worth a listen, plan on soundtracking my work commute with these for the next week or so.