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Time & Krimson – Let the Music Go

Fun radio show last night, thanks to the regulars that tuned in… will be sending out mp3 links via DM to the few people that RT’d it. That experiment in getting people to help spread the work didn’t do so well, guess I need to just wait and see if these radio shows sort of grow on their own though…
Here’s one of the new tracks which I played and gave away last night… a strong white label by Tike and Krimson. Not sure who these guys were, but both sides of this are great & of equal quality (in fact, Easygroove played both sides during a classic Universe set). As the A side track title indicates, “Let the Music Go” uses the “let it go” bit from Sinnamon “I need you now”. This bit is also used in Bloodclat Artattack plus about a thousand other hardcore/jungle tunes, with the overall acapella used in about a billion more hardcore tunes. The synth line almost reminds me a bit of a Tom + Jerry track (the “he keeps dreaming… he keeps.. freaking!” one). Solid breaks, very functional and nice.
On the B side, we get a really solid ragga hardcore number… I might have posted this one instead, except my copy has some marks on the first 15 seconds. Here’s a clip of it from youtube though:

I guess these guys had another release which is a lot rarer, never seen it around. Anyone got a clip I can hear?

Tike and Krimson – Let the Music Go

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  1. Anyone buying hardcore since the early 2000’s online or in the shops of London will probably own some records stamped with either Tike or Krimson. They had absolutely massive and extensive hardcore collections which they must of sold around about then. Gary from Vinylconnection had a load and ive probably got 20 or 30 records with their stamps on.

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