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Vicious Crew – No Politics Vol. 2

Tonight’s tune is some seriously chopped hardcore/jungle from a crew of 3 producers, including someone related to the Ibiza/Noise Factory records camp: Big Vern aka Colin Biggerstaff. Colin also did EPs on Boogie Beat, Camden Tunes, World Bass, etc. I can’t say I’m the biggest fan of the first Vicious Crew EP, it’s good but nothing that really stood out too much to me… but this EP is wicked, especially this tune in particular. The other tunes are good but their production is a bit inconsistent, however this is nice and heavy. The combination of slow r+b with frantic layered breaks works well and is a good indicator of the direction which hardcore/jungle headed a year or two after this release.

Vicious Crew – No Politics Vol 2 A1

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