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Bay B Kane – Hyd & Seek

Everyone who reads this site should know about Bay B Kane: either by virtue of him being one of the top hardcore/jungle producers ever, or at the very least (for less informed people checking this), from reading the 3 part interview I posted on here a while back. This track is not as well known as his anthem “Hello Darkness” (though it’s on the remix EP for that tune), but it’s every bit as good. Eerie-but-not-cheesy synths meet the “assemby line” break run through the beat blender at “purée” setting, with top notch vocal snippet work on top. The “bad boy” samples come from the classic Hijack “Badman is Robbin” acapella, as well as a much less known KRS-One bit which is wicked.

As far as 93 tracks go, this is one of my all-time favorites. As this site proves, that’s saying a lot.

Bay B Kane – Hyd & Seek

10 Replies to “Bay B Kane – Hyd & Seek”

  1. Its taken a few listens for me to get into this one, overall its a nice dark tune.
    Also just to point out, the synth at the beginning of the track is taken from the film phantasm 🙂

  2. YO!..Pete respect 2 da bone brother…
    Also BIGUP to all that take time to comment and add their point of view.
    This site is one of the most informative and accurate that i know of…For
    all the JUNGLE junkies…Keep up the excellent work guys.

  3. Btw…just 4 the record the title sample “hyde and seek” is taken
    from an old lovers rock track called “Silly Games” by Carol Thompson.

  4. big up to man like Bay-B-Kane! glad to see many of your classic tunes still getting the recognition they deserve…

    any hope of a Planet Mu retrospective in the future? cos with Remarc & Bizzy B it seems like you’d complete the trilogy of darkside dons…

  5. Bay-B-Kane’s tracks are remarkable!
    A Better Place is one of the best.
    Besides, is there any sources for free downloading they music?

  6. not sure about that, maybe some p2p file sharing programs like soulseek etc… otherwise you’ll have to track down the vinyl like the rest of us 🙂

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