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Ionosphere – Hypertension EP

Here’s a reasonably well known white label from 1992. Part of what makes me like this EP is the variety in the tunes, as you’ll hear in the two representative tracks below – one is a deeper heavy track that stays pretty straightforward, while the other is a weird bouncy track that changes up every 8/16 bars. I’m pretty sure I didn’t like “Magic Piano” much when I first heard it, but for some reason it was the first track on my old ipod and so I ended up growing to like it after being woken up to it every day for a few months (I had one of those alarm clocks that wakes you up with your ipod).

Ionosphere also did the Just 4 Me EP which, while decent and certainly easier/cheaper to find than “Hypertension”, didn’t hold a candle to the first EP in my opinion. They also did a number of happy hardcore singles after that which I haven’t heard.

If you like these tunes, check out the Ionosphere webpage, where you can buy a compilation of their older tunes plus download a bunch of free tracks. Because the “Perfect Hibernation” tune is for sale on itunes/trackitdown, I’m not putting a download link below, just the streaming player.

Ionosphere – Perfect Hibernation
Ionosphere – Magic Piano

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