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Tykal – В Россию с любовью (To Russia with Love) Mix

It’s been a while since I posted something focused on International Jungle. Luckily, Ricky / Tykal recently sent me this mix he did of all early Jungle/DNB from Russia. For those of you who don’t know Tykal, he’s been a source of knowledge in jungle forums (mainly but not exclusively ragga jungle-centric) for 15 years now, as well as running the ragga jungle label Trinity Don Recordings and busy trading tunes online on soulseek etc. Ricky was one of the early people I remember packing 2000 era mixes full of seriously obscure 90’s jungle stuff, lots of which wasn’t a big deal at the time but has since gone on to be very pricey and hard to find. Also, he ran a nice blog for a while giving away tons of record rips… most of the links are probably dead by now but there’s still some very nice write ups and killer mixes on there.

I’ll admit, I wasn’t 100% sure at first whether to post this mix. While it’s interesting to hear and there’s some really cool tunes in it, some of the tracks earlier in the mix sound later than most of the music I post on BTTO, almost more like pop music with dnb backing beats. Still, when was the last time you listened to a bunch of 90’s jungle meets Russian pop music? You’re certainly not going to her another mix this week like this one!! Big respect to Tykal for digging all these up, also big respect to Gorn and all Russian Junglists / VK Jungle Crew. I’d be happy to post a part 2 sometime if one of you wants to do it.
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Devnull – Blog to the Oldskool Radio July 12th 2015

Here’s the set from last night. Tim’s set will follow tomorrow or as soon as he sends me the tracklisting.
Last night was pretty fun, nice to be back splitting 2 hours instead of doing a full 2 hour set. My set was heavy on the nerdy stuff but still some gems I think? Thanks to everyone who locked in live and was in the chat!
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Thumbzo – Jack It

I really try not to post much “new” stuff but I think this warrants sharing. Thumbzo has been kind of an “unsung hero” for online hc/jungle for a long while now – doing great mixes of 92-96 style stuff (plus some house/techno sets) with really nice, solid, listenable selections. Nothing obscure-for-the-sake-of-obscure, nothing anthem bashy, just lots of great stuff. Unfortunately, in the current state of things where everyone and their mom is a dj / too many bosses not enough workers / etc, it seems there’s not much support for straight ahead, well selectored sets played by normal dedicated people. I try to remember to lock to his sets on jungletrain (every other saturday, 12:30-14:30 UK Time), though they’re at a rough time for people in the US. Sometimes it seems like his shows do quite well/there’s lots of people locked in, but I don’t see people talking about his sets on forums / sites like this enough, so… consider this a promo push 🙂

This recent tune by him is nice 95-96 type stuff, though a bit updated / not trying desperately to sound purely 94-95 I think. Warpy bass, crisp amens, a few twists and turns along the way. Good stuff which is fun to mix and free to download.
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Blog to the Oldskool Radio Feb 8th 2015: 1993-1996 Jungle

Really fun show last night, thanks to everyone who locked in! Always good to have people in the chatroom keeping it lively, also got some nice requests made which fit the show well. Apologies for not getting to the PFM one on, I found out my copy of “wash over me” is pretty nasty sounding and needs a good cleaning.

I mostly played old stuff during this show, but there’s a few new tunes things sprinkled in, including a new one by Thumbzo, the Invisible Man “Unreleased History” EP, and the new Tim Reaper “Need Money For Laptop” Bandcamp EP which I mentioned a day or two ago. Made a few edits to take out the talk on top and faded out the last track but otherwise all there.
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International (Non-UK) Hardcore/Jungle mix

Here’s a set I tried to play on jungletrain 2 weeks ago, but I wasn’t happy with it because it had a lot of clipping and not all the tunes I wanted. So I went back and rerecorded it in one go, then edited that recording, taking out a few sections to make it extra lean (58 tracks in 99 minutes). Even with almost 60 tracks I left out a lot of fun tracks, some secret weapons and stuff which just didn’t fit the flow of the mix. So apologies if any favorites are missing like the Ajax Project EP. Regardless, hopefully this is interesting for anyone who, like me, is into underrated or less frequently heard hardcore/jungle tunes, as a lot of these tracks were never played by UK DJs and might have been largely unknown outside of their respective countries.

Also, a lot of these tunes I’ve previously posted one by one. Rather than avoid duplication, I’ve specifically included them in the mix so it’s easy to click through and get more info about them on this site.

Thanks to Psimmenos from B2VOS for providing me a NUTE tune to play as I’ve never been able to nab their EPs. I really wanted to make sure to feature a tune by them as they’re pretty nice and the only early oldskool related artist I know of from Greece.

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DJ Exodus 95 Hart FM Mix on Hardscore

DJ Extreme recently posted this great mix by DJ Exodus from Hart FM. The tracklisting is wicked – lots of slightly lesser known tunes alongside some huge classics, including my personal faovrite, Trace’s part 2nd remix of “Babylon”.

01 Barrington Levy ‎– Here I Come (Jungle) – Greensleeves (x2)
02 Jonny L – I Won’t Let You Go – XL
03 Darkman – Brand New Day (New Blood Jungle Mix 2) – Wildcard
04 Princess – Good To U (Dream Team Mix) – Urban Gorilla
05 Terrorist – Sing Time – Dread
06 Splash – Babylon (DJ Trace Mix pII) – Dee Jay
07 DJ Zinc – Super Sharp Shooter – Ganja
08 Rude & Deadly – Mash Dem Down (Smokey Joe VIP) – Labello Blanco
09 Cutty Ranks – The Return (Bizzi B & Ruffkut Remix) – Suburban Base
10 E.P.S Man – Shockout – Spotlight
11 DJ Hype & Ganja Max – Pum Pum Mus Smoke Ganja – Ganja
12 Da Intalex – Mercy (Remix) – Intalex Productions
13 Johnny Jungle – Killa Sound (Krome & Time Remix) – Suburban Base
14 D. Styles ‘N’ Hopkirk ‎- Sensi (2nd Coming) – Fluid Vinyl
15 Lionist – Loving You (Original Mix) – Fist 2 Fist
16 Roni Size – Fashion – V Recordings
17 Armagedon – Nina’s Rinse – Dread
18 Jonny L – Wa-oh – XL
19 Drumdriver – Sing Together (Hardstep Mix) – Unity

Grab the mix here:
DJ Exodus – Hart FM 90.4 [November 1995]

Also, (spam spam spam) don’t forget to preorder Exodus’s upcoming EP w/ Head Pressure, “The Dreadkiller EP”.

DJ Trax – Mixrace 92-96 Mix for Blog To the Oldskool

To celebrate the official release of 8205-001 today, Dave DJ Trax (aka one half of Mixrace) has put together a wicked mix of some of the classic tunes he and Dev wrote together in the 1992-1996 period, including some special re-edits and unreleased versions never before heard. This mix is definitely one to check, moving from Dev + Dave’s early hardcore material into the classic and highly influential Brown and Dangerman tunes / more jungley selections.

The last remaining copies of 8205-001 Mixrace “Dirty Amen / Express Yourself Rmx” are up for sale now on Seventh Story Projects. Only a few left, so if you didn’t preorder I suggest nabbing one ASAP.

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DJ Monita – “12 Chapters” Mix Series & Interview

A little while back, DJ Monita of Skeleton Recordings unearthed a series of cassette tapes he recorded between 1994 and 1995. Between April 94 and March 95, he recorded one new mix a month, 12 in all… no small feat given the number of tracks in these mixes and the good quality of them. That alone was great news, but after posting them to mixcloud, JJ from Deepinsidetheoldskool blog went through and single-handedly wrote incredibly complete tracklists for each and every mix. A truly herculean task for most, no big deal for JJ since his ID’ing skills are so good it’s not clear whether he’s a real person or if that IBM chess-playing supercomputer has aquired a taste for 91-95 tunes! I also hit up Monita for some background info on the mixes, check the interview below.

When you were recording these mixes, Skeleton had already been around for a while… were you buying all these tunes at stores like Lucky Spin and Black Market (the places you mention distributing them), or were you trading w/ labels / dealing in promos and dubs at the time? Aside from those two stores, what was your “local” / were there any other primary places you’d pick up tunes?

My first choice for buying my vinyl was always Blackmarket. But local to them and within walking distance was Unity. So if there was after a particular twelve I was after and Blackmarket didn’t have it then I would take a walk around to Unity to see if they had.
Lucky Spin was a regular too, but it was usually either a trip to Soho or a trip down to Kings Road if I was out getting vinyl. I wouldn’t go visiting loads of shops on one journey as I would’ve usually got a nice little selection that I was after in one shop really.
My ‘local’ shop, which I first started buying tunes from was a place in Northfields, West London, called Vinyl Mania. I think it’s a mini cab place now! Obviously buying from somewhere small like that would never get you the same gems as venturing up town to the big boys.
I never really traded stuff, but obviously used to have a mailing list with Skeleton, so I would usually get some nice promos from other labels of artists I used to send out to. Production House were one of the main ones that I used to get quite a bit from.
As for dubs, I never really had a lot. That’s probably because I was too tight to pay out £30 for one! Haha, no, I never really felt the need to cut many dubs. I did have and still have a few, but they are mostly of my tunes which I cut to play on the radio or out to see how they were.

Related to the first question, obviously the scene was a fair bit more regional back then pre-internet… of the countless artists and labels in these mixes, were there some you knew well and were dealing with directly? Was there any sense of wanting to feature certain friends or associates more prominently, or was it all just based on your taste/tracks you liked at the time?
It was mostly based on stuff that I liked at that particular time when I done each chapter really. If I had any early releases, which was quite often, then I would put them on the tape. Like I said previous, I used to have loads of Production House promos, so they would get drawn. Also, DJ Monk had started KLP and was giving me all of his stuff, so that would get included too.

With the tune selection, there seems to be a good cross section of stuff – everything from deep tunes through to Greensleeves ragga jungle. Were you specifically throwing in any deeper stuff you might not have played prime-time at a party at the time, or are these tapes 100% representative of what you would have played at a party? Was there a difference in the tunes you were drawing for at the time in a mix versus at a club vs on pirate radio?
Well to be honest, the Greensleves tracks would be played as a little shout to Monk. My style back then was varied really as I used to love the dark sound, but also the liquid style. If I was to play out or on the radio then I would have played either one of them styles or maybe started with one and floated into the other. So the styles you hear on the tapes are a true reflection of what I would’ve played if I was to do a set. Not the ragga stuff though, as that wasn’t really what I was into. But, it was my mates tunes and the tapes done the rounds so the promotion was good for both.

One of the cool aspects of mix #1 is the inclusion of a rare version of your tune “Full Cry” (done with Steve C). Aside from that, there’s no other dubs in the mix, Skeleton or otherwise. Was this a conscious decision? Did you have other unreleased Skeleton tracks around at the time you considered including? Or were you 100% focused on keeping up with the massive quantity of wicked tunes being released back then?
The later really Pete. To me this mix series was about playing some of the tunes around at that time, whether released or test presses. And like I said earlier, I never really used to cut a lot of dubs, only occasionally. If I did have any at that time then they would’ve been included in the set.
As for that version of Full Cry, I completely forgot about it until I heard it when ripping the tape. I think I’m right in saying that there were only two plates cut of that version. One for myself and one for Steve C. This version was actually his demo that he came to me with and when I heard it I liked it and agreed to work on it with him for a future release. He was local to me and his studio was only about 10 minutes away, so I thought it was a good idea to work on something together. Thank God I did as we would never have had ‘Razors’.
You know that after hearing that version when I was ripping the tape I went up into the loft for my old record box, opened it up and pulled out all my old dubs and there it was! The title on the label actually says ‘Break Free’. It has been quite a while since that record box had been opened and the smell of dubs was real nice.

Although these mixes obviously served as good promotion for you as a DJ, they didn’t come across as heavy-handed in terms of promoting Skeleton Recordings itself. A number of your label’s tunes at the time are clearly featured, but not in an obvious or noticeable way. Was this a conscious thing? Were you tempted at all to pitch up some older tracks and really feature the label itself in a more heavy-handed fashion?
No, not at all. The old Skeleton releases were done and dusted in my eyes. I think the earliest Skeleton track on these tapes is Dark Angel, which is SKEL011. That, along with Razors Edge (SKEL012) and both sides of SKEL013, R.E.A.L and Mina I used to play regular and as they were around at the right time of me doing the series they were included on some of the tapes.
The tapes were never about me filling them with my own stuff, they were more of a promotional thing for me as a DJ like you said.

These days, I know you’re back DJ’ing out on the oldskool-meets-newskool jungle net station Radio Frontline. Any club bookings or “IRL” sets in the works?
The Radio Frontline thing is a really good thing and has a nice little unit involved. Antidote approached me to do it when we first got in touch through Twitter. After hanging up my headphones and being off the decks for around 18 years it was quite nervy at first and all new using CDJ’s, but I enjoy it now.
Doing this has led to a couple of people asking if I would play at their events and I have got a couple of little slots in the next month or so just to get back used to playing out and about.
Also Dream London UK, which is run by one of my old friends from pirate radio days, has just re-launched after many years being off the airwaves and I have a regular show on there now. My show will be on the first Tuesday of every month from 10pm to midnight, so make sure you lock in. I’ll be playing a bit of old and new stuff, but it will mostly be new upfront sets.

Ignoring the logistics of undertaking a project like this 20 years on, if you were to do a mix series like this now, what kind of artists/styles/labels would be featured? How much new stuff would you feature vs old?
Wow, there is so much music out there nowadays and so much good stuff too that there’s plenty to choose from. My style that I like to play is clean, rolling drums and heavy basslines.
Metalheadz tracks will pretty much always be included in my sets. They had so many seriously good releases last year which I’m actually still playing. I like productions from the likes of dBridge, Callibre, Fracture and Soul Intent to name a few, but there are so many artists coming with the goods also.
If I was to do another mix tape series nowadays I would definitely play new stuff. I would keep the same structure as the original idea as the tapes were about the new or forthcoming releases. I feel people wouldn’t have wanted to spend cash on a mixtape filled with old tunes.

Not related directly to the mixes but…. any update on the Skeleton back catalogue being available digitally sometime in the near future? Have any extra special treats (alternate versions, unreleased tunes) popped up?
Well the past few months I’ve been in the process to get this all sorted out. The DATs were sitting in a gym bag for the last 20 years and they have now been ripped and re-mastered and will be available for digital download exclusively on the ‘Hardcore Junglism’ website from Monday 3rd March. You’ll be pleased to know that there will also be quite a few unreleased tracks which have also been re-mastered and will be available for the first time. There’s a 95 remix of ‘Luv ta Luv ya’ which was floating around on dubplate and two other versions of ‘Razors Edge’. So things are quite exciting really.

The label will be re-launching this year, if all goes to plan, with a 20th anniversary EP of Razors which will have four new updated versions. But I can’t say too much about it at the moment as things need to be finalised.
The skull and cross bones logo is also in process of being re-designed and there is now a website for the label which is This will feature information on the back catalogue and un-released tracks plus info on forthcoming releases, any events I may be playing at and links to any mixes I do, so keep your eyes peeled.

Also, I have recently joined Facebook and have ‘Official Skeleton Recordings’ page on there, so please go and give it a like.

Now for the mixes in question…. Unfortunately mixcloud redesigned their site recently, and decided people don’t need the ability to embed playlists of mixes for the time being. So I’ve had to embed each mix separately, which makes the page pretty memory-intensive – sorry if this crashes anyone’s browser! It also means tracklists weren’t showing, so I’ve added little widgets for those. To see the tracklist for each mix, click the “Tracklist” text under a mix and it will expand to show the tunes in it. Yo can also just click the following link to see all the mixes in mixcloud on a playlist.

DJ Monita – the 12 Chapters

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Tim Reaper’s All Liftin’ Spirit Mix For Blog To The Oldskool

Here’s a wicked mix by Tim Reaper featuring all tracks from the Liftin’ Spirit label. Set up in 94 by Ant Miles as a sort of sister label to RAM, Liftin’ Spirit put out loads of heavy jungle tunes in those early years. As with RAM, nothing I’ve heard from them was particularly weird, out-there, or experimental – their tracks seemed aimed precisely at the dancefloor. As this mix shows, the quality level was consistently high, with top notch production all around, making these tunes fun to spin as well as to listen to.

Really though, this mix isn’t about that. It’s actually part of a long-running campaign of harassment by Tim against me for not owning enough records on this label. You see, in Tim’s eyes, me only owning 3 or 4 out of the first 16 or so releases on Liftin’ Spirit is tantamount to me “hating” that label. In fact, the real purpose of this mix is to mock me and a particular deficiency in my record collection. Don’t be fooled into thinking it’s to showcase a classic label and raise awareness about their best tracks, which are now available for sale digitally sounding crystal clear direct-from-DAT. That’s purely a happy side effect second to his central troll-ish intentions.

Motives aside, there’s no denying the gems in this mix. From the earlier tracks like “Giggle N Rush” through to the deadly steppy “Going On”. This mix seems to stick around the 94-96 era, but the label went on to do some more heavy dancefloor numbers through the 2000’s (“Poison Vapour” was a personal favorite of mine in the late 90’s). Any fans of slightly later DNB would do well to check those as well.

One more random note – the version of “Going On” featured here is different from the full label vinyl version. The regular vinyl version has a more high end wobbly sort of bassline, which you can probably hear if you search youtube for rips of the vinyl…. the version featured here (available for purchase on digital download sites) features strictly heavy sub, and far, far, preferable to my ears. Phil DJ eXtreme recently pointed out that this release’s matrix number indicates that there might be some alt promo version floating around on vinyl for the subby bass version. If anyone can confirm or deny this, please get in touch.

In the meantime, enjoy this wicked mix while I go ahead and order a couple more records from this label’s back catalog… looks like Tim’s ploy worked after all.
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DJ Stretch – Tom & Jerry Tribute Set

Oh my word… what a mix!!! DJ Stretch just played a set earlier tonight (Saturday) as part of Radio Frontline, and it damn near broke mixlr from all the comments and “likes” it was getting. Featuring practically all the big Tom and Jerry hits, including a bunch of unreleased dubplates and some unreleased remixes/edits.

For the few who don’t know, Tom and Jerry was an alias of Marc Mac and Dego of 4Hero / Reinforced Records. Unlike some of marc + dego’s other work which was quite deep, intelligent and introspective, the Tom & Jerry stuff was aimed strictly towards the dancefloor… so sharplly you’d think they were using a laser guidance system! From record one, these guys had a clear formula with these tunes: combine belgian style hoovers, euphoric rare groove and soul samples, ragga and classic female vocals, massively chopped breakbeats, and heavy duty bass.

This combination allowed them to knock out tunes in a frighteningly short amount of time; I forget the exact amount mentioned in interviews, but it was less than an hour per tune I think? possibly 30 minutes or less for some! Despite that, there’s quite a lot going on in the tracks, and just about every single one is an absolute anthem which ends up being a standout track in whatever mix its featured in. It just goes to show how, at least with dance music, purity of vision and strong simple ideas can really make for some of the best tunes rather than overwrought complexity.

As an indication how much of a MUST LISTEN this mix is, I’m not even posting my mix from this weekend (which was a bit random and not totally to my liking), and posting this set instead. You can dig around for my set if you want, and maybe I’ll post it eventually, but first listen to this and bask in the greatness that is “The Cat & Rat”!

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