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DJ Spatts – Rollin Voodoo (Boshcorps Serenade)

DJ Spatts is one member of the allmighty Criminal Minds, one of the BEST hardcore/jungle acts ever. This solo EP is slightly different, it sounds a bit more on the deep proto-intelligent Lucky Spin / Dee Jay tip. Great stuff.
If anyone is still in touch w/ any of the Criminal Minds, please get in touch with me, I’d love to do an interview with them!!

DJ Spatts – Rollin Voodoo (Boshcorps Serenade)

2 Replies to “DJ Spatts – Rollin Voodoo (Boshcorps Serenade)”

  1. Great tracks on here man. This site brings back memories. I would love to here some old school funky Intelligent stuff on here. It’s so hard to find…

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