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Wriggler Bascombe – Final Battle

I sort of go through phases of liking this tune a fair bit and not as much. “Final Battle” is a nutty 1993 amen track utilizing a ’92 sampletastic method of songwriting – throw everything but the kitchen sink in there, and see what sticks. To that end, we get video game bleeps, kung fu vocals, fat boys “human beat box”, some voice reciting a line from the bible (?!) and, erm…. a hefty chunk of Heart’s song “Alone” (??!!1) All this is fun enough, even the Heart sample is kind of fun. The only thing I’m really not crazy about is some of the beats – in a few parts, the beat layers are a bit off-time and start to bead a bit..check out 0:40 seconds in to hear hear what I mean. For some reason this is literally the only production issue which really bugs me in old tunes, and why I’m not such a fan of tracks like Satin Storm’s “Let’s Get Together”. Still, this is a pretty interesting track worth checking out, and these days I’m much more interested in stranger sounding releases like this (even if they were executed less than perfectly) than well done but totally safe/generic tunes.

Wriggler Bascombe – Final Battle

4 Replies to “Wriggler Bascombe – Final Battle”

  1. this whole record was really popular in Toronto(probably more than anywhere else lol). “Burn by the Fire” is a bit of a classic.

  2. massive tune, was after it for aaaaages after hearing it on an easygroove tape.

    I am wondering what the dj nut nut tune on the same label is like

  3. i know it has no relevence to this post but im looking for an old skool tune i think i heard it on pirate radio station, but it sounds like it has a underwater submarine sonar sound in it, any ideas?

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