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Urban Shakedown – Summer Break

When I posted an Aphrodite track recently, it reminded me of another great track he (co)produced. Pretty much everyone who reads this site knows about Some Justice. here’s the video in case you’re the one person who doesn’t:

While “Some Justice” was a huge tune caned by everyone and their immediate family, there was another track on some pressings of the “Some Justice EP” which which in my opinion is every bit as good. “Summer Break” contains choppy beats ala The Moonwalk EP, plus some bare bones hits making up the music – there’s few elements, but they all work well. This track was also sampled in China White – High & Dry to good effect.

Urban Shakedown – Summer Break

As an added bonus, here’s a MOD file for “Some Justice”. I don’t think it’s the original since they supposedly used two amigas for that, and I’m pretty sure MED/Octamed had its own format for files. Still, it’s fun to see someone manage to cram the whole song into 4 channels. To play it, you either need a compatible audio player (winamp on PC, not sure what works for mac), or a full blown tracker program.
edit: you also need a program to uncompress this RAR file since my hosting company is disallowing files of extention type .MOD for some reason 😕
If anyone has any other oldschool-related MOD files, send them my way!

Finally, here’s some scans of an article on Urban Shakedown from some Amiga magazine in 92… click on the images to see full size scans. Thanks to whoever originally posted these on DOA!

14 Replies to “Urban Shakedown – Summer Break”

  1. Some Justice was done on two Amigas. I think this .mod is a special version of the track done for some Amiga demo, though I couldn’t download it. Other old skool Amiga users include Slammin Vinyl and Omni Trio – heroes all! 😀

  2. thanks for the heads up, I just fixed the link.
    Yeah you can definitely tell Red Alert + Mike Slammer used amigas for their stuff, and probably not the “high quality” mode that Urban Shakedown are talking about above 🙂

  3. Wow, love the Mod File! (Works with VLC) some parts seem to be missing (the 808 underneath the break!) but still impressing how easy making music seemed back in the day. Doesn’t Paradox use an Amiga on his live sets?

    Bought the EP last year when I was browsing through an old club collection someone sold. I couldn’t believe that it cost me only 3€!!!

  4. Just want to say thanks a million for this blog, discovered it a few days ago and it was definitely worth digging through all your entries.

  5. Yeah Paradox was using an Amiga for live PAs, when I saw him play Boston a few years ago, he played files on the amiga while playing atmospheres / melodies live on a korg triton. Great stuff, especially in a proper small + scummy bar that punk/metal bands usually play.

  6. Hello. I’ve lurked here for quite a while, but never left a comment (as far as I remember) But… The full-size versions of the two top magazine scans won’t load correctly.
    A few comments: Not two PC’s, two Amigas (If we are to believe the article) And MOD was a standard format for Amiga (Protracker) AFAIK, MED/OctaMED did not use MOD as a format.
    For Mac, VLC can play MODs, or MilkyTracker on just about any platform.
    For more Amiga music, I recommend the music of Mortimer T. He has a huge bunch of modules, some of which are nice jungle tunes, mostly downtempo/jazzy style, but also a few faster ones.

  7. I tend to use “pc” as a generic term for computers (eg. “personal computer”), since two people pointed that out though I’ve edited the term.

    Also, fixed the urban shakedown covers

  8. I’ve still got my Atari st and amiga 1200 with korg prophecy 2 and akai s900
    in me loft(Attic) arghh the memories. The saying back then was Amiga for Rinsing & Atari for rollin..

  9. nice, I always wanted one of those Korg Prophecy 2s. Used to have fun making crazy noises with them at the music store.

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