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Keen – Volume 2

I think if someone did a breakdown of stuff posted here vs the amount of tunes actually out there, one area I intentionally under-represent is choppy amen tunes. That’s not to say I don’t like them – there’s plenty of classics out there as well as plenty of classic producers (Bay B Kane!) who can do the style like no one else. But there’s also loads of filler out there, especially in the 94-95 era, when so many tracks defaulted to similar choppy amen/think permutations. This is definitely a tune I bought and sort of ignored since I thought it fell into that category, until I randomly grabbed it while spinning recently and really started to enjoy it. It may not have all that many elements or anything too “out there”, but the elements work well and sound nice and punchy. The producer behind it (Keen) also did the Music For the People EP with DJ SS, one of those obscure tango + ratty-esque dark formation tracks that a lot of people sleep on. But this EP is much more straight ahead 94-95 stuff – good vocals and production, worth checking out.

Keen – Volume 2A

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  1. Great record, still play this all the time myself. There are so many good tracks that came out on all the side labels Formation was running back in the mid-90s (I think there were like 10 different ones!)

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