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Nebula II – Flatliners

Here’s a well known favorite that I still play regularly in non-oldskool sets… in fact I just spun this out last Sunday at a club down the street. Nebula II were probably best known for this track and “Atheama”, and while “Atheama” is great, this is my favorite – massive low fi descending synth line, a great slow down/speed up breakdown, solid breakbeats (not many early tunes I can think of used the Funky Nassau break other than Sonz of a Loop Da Loop “Far Out”), good vocal drops (“Let’s Do it” , “The Dreamer” etc )… in general it’s just a mad, energetic, awesome hardcore tune. The remix is good as well, especially with the ridiculously over the top bass which drops about 3 minutes in, distorting and squashing down the drums more than in any other oldskool track I’ve heard. I was going to post that as well, but I think I’ll save it for another day.

Nebula II – Flatliners

Also, while I’m posting Nebula II stuff, here’s a remix of “Atheama” done by me and a friend a couple of years ago as part of the “back2you” remix competition. I’ve tried to steer clear of posting any of my own music on here since this site is meant to be about classic tunes, but I think after 300+ posts, I can post one track.
Nebula II – Atheama (Ravetasm Posse remix)

8 Replies to “Nebula II – Flatliners”

  1. sob* i always wanted to release this remix and the other remix you did pete on a split e.p with 2 of my traks but my harddrive crash took all of those dreams away, gutted. šŸ™

  2. Yeah we wish we could have gotten it on vinyl … It’s been a few years though so the only way that’s going to happen now is if me + ed do a pressing ourselves limited to 100 or something.

  3. Nebulla 2. Where they from Nottingham? Iā€™m sure they were? A bit of Marcus Garvey Centre?

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