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DJ Red Alert + Pepsi – Don Gorgon Sound

Here’s a great EP that’s not exactly rare, but still seems overlooked, especially given how popular Red Alert + Mike Slammer (aka Pepsi)’s subsequent releases on Slammin’ Vinyl were. This EP has a lot of the elements of those later singles in somewhat nascent form – tons of choice samples all in gloriously low fi goodness, absolutely packed into each tune. These two tunes from the A-side highlight that well – you’ve got bits from “success n effect” in the first tune plus mr monday “future” (one of my favorite house tracks) , “energy flash” (or wherever that reversed melody is from used in that tune) and the cuba gooding “happiness is around the bend” vocals in the second track.

DJ Red Alert + Pepsi – Don Gorgon Sound
DJ Red Alert + Pepsi – Something Unreal

7 Replies to “DJ Red Alert + Pepsi – Don Gorgon Sound”

  1. I’m going to have to dig this out when I get home. Nice low-fi stuff.
    I think the slammer EP 2 is slightly better though, but that could be because of the memories that holds.
    I much prefer these to their Slammin Vinyl output anyday.
    Nice reminder 🙂

  2. once again great to see that Im not the only person who has this (not knowing many oldskool collectors!!)
    really love the piano in ‘Don Gorgon’, euphoric yet tinged with sadness. absolutely LOVE the lo-fi ness here. really nice vibes track in general.

    on ‘Something Unreal’, the reversed melody (i always think of it as church bells!) was also used in ‘Energy Flash’, but was sampled from the original source as it’s not really sample-able in the Beltram choon. if i find out where il let you know.

  3. The reversed melody is taken from the end of Orbital’s Chime. There’s a clean section on one of the full length mixes.

  4. Whoops, sorry about that! I was away for a few days so I wasn’t able to test the links. Just verified they were broken, should work now… thanks for the heads up.

  5. I know I’m late to the party, but can you guys ID the piano/vocal from Don Gorgon?

    That riff knocks me off my seat with the manic bittersweet memories it evokes.

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