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DJ SS – Rollidge

Here’s a classic from DJ SS. This is a must-hear for anyone into “Lighter”, especially mix #1 of that tune which reminds me quite a bit of this. Surprisingly this was only a “bonus” track on the Roller’s Convention part 3 single, though it’s well known and has since been repressed as an A-side. There’s so much wicked stuff in this track: amens layered on amens, dread bass, reversed vocal sample (Inner City “Follow Your Heart”) the timpani build 5 minutes in, etc. My copy is a bit battered as you can hear in the audio clip, but that’s bound to happen with a track this great.

DJ SS – Rollidge

6 Replies to “DJ SS – Rollidge”

  1. this was also released on the Highly Recommended LP (which is absolutely fantastic btw – also includes Lighter, Black & a whole mess of other great tunes – right up there w/the Enforcer series or Still Smokin as far as seminal jungle comps) tho with an inferior mix.

  2. This EP is probably my favourite ever release on Formation, every track a classic… none moreso than Rollidge. This whole EP was repressed on the Formation Collectors Boxed Set LP, which itself is pretty hard to find these days.

    I still don’t have the Highly Recommended LP but I think that version of Rolidge is actually a different mix? I could be wrong though…

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