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Blog to the Oldskool Radio – November 7th

Here’s the set for jungletrain this last Wednesday, November 7th. I think it turned out to be a pretty well rounded selection of stuff from the blog ( click through on the tracklisting to get to the tunes), augmented with vinyl and a few curveballs tracks (someone mentioned a grime track in chat so I mixed it in for a minute because why not..)

Dev/Null – blog to the oldskool jungletrain radio, November 7th 2012

* = request
Mafia – Volume 1
Dope Skillz – 6 Million Wayz
Dom + Roland – Wax Musical
DJ Soulslinger – Abducted (T Power Remix)*
DJ SS -Black VIP
E Kude – Don’t Be Afraid
Fokus – Brave New World
Demo feat MC Matrix – Serious Soundz
DMS & Boneman – Sweet Vibrations
Guy Called Gerald – Finley’s Rainbow
Rhythm for Reasons – Smoker’s Rhythm
2 Minds – Raggas in Space
Mad Ragga Jon – Time to Kick
More Rocker-s You’re Gonna (Roni Size + DJ Krust Remix)
Youngstar – Pulse X (Tease)*
Headhunter – to the Sky
Exodus + Woody – A Classic Skank
A-Zone calling the people
Hyper-On experience – Disturbance*
Gunstar Heroes – Did You Love Me
SubSequence – State of Mind
System X – Got to Believe
DJ Rap + Aston – Vertigo (Q Bass Dark Mix)
Aeon Flux – The Aeon Flux EP
Head Pressure + DJ Exodus – Glass Pipe Fury
Interception – Let Me Know
Da Dread – Subconscious Fears
Vice Squad – on the Edge
Criminal Minds – Toxic Culture
Intellex – Negative G
2 Bad Mice – Drumscare
Menace Makes 3 – Feel the Friction
Yell-o-Phase – Acid Process (Rough Process Mix)
Bass Selective – Jessica’s Jaw
Moonwalk – Dance Mother
Double H Productions – Noise Level 1
Subway – Launch Pad
Manic – Feel It (Jungle Mix)
DJ Mayhem – M-Power*
Funky Junky – Rudeboy
Brainstorm Crew- Define the BEat
The 2 – We Is 1
Jack Horner + DJ Pulse – Summer in the South
Citadel of Kaos – ?
Omni Trio – Mystic Stepper Feel Better
Foul Play – Being With You
Distroi and Boykz – Knowledge EP
Progression – Jungle Dream
D’Cruze – World Within a World
Cosmic Brian – Hardcore Helmet
MC Uproar – Bad Boy

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  1. haha, sorry, I typed up the track listing in google docs + copied it over… which broke all the href links (turned the quotes into curly quotes).

    Should work now 😀

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