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The Headhunter – To the Sky

I got an email recently from someone who had run into an old friend of mine (hey Aaron!), who asked them to tell me to post more Psychic Parasite stuff… unfortunately, there’s only those 2 EPs, which I’ve already posted tracks from. However, Martin Damm (Biochip C) has plenty of other great tracks – here’s one off his Biophobia label which is classic Biochip… tons of acid, good breaks, lots of weird samples, etc. I actually wasn’t sure about this track when I first heard it because of the vocals, but it’s defnitely grown on me. It’s also a bit of a challenge to mix properly, since there’s a number of single measure breakdowns that throw the measure count off of a multiple of 4, so that either you let it get off and it eventually comes back around after a few of those, or (as I’ve been doing) you can cut the track at the end of every breakdown and bring it back in after 3 more bars.

This same EP also has Search and Destroy “Iron Man” on it, so it’s well worth picking up for these two tracks.

Headhunter – To the Sky

4 Replies to “The Headhunter – To the Sky”

  1. w00t! thanks dude! nice stuff, reminds me of my college days in Gent where they would have the most awesome acid parties (think Drop Bass Network all night long 😀 )!
    Keep ’em coming!
    When can we expect to see you play again? Planning to come to Europe anytime soon? (Wood party in the summer maybe – wink wink – nudge nudge)?

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