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Moonwalk EP

Here’s a great 92 white label which is reasonably well known, but I figured I’d post it anyway.

I’d heard a rumor that Aphrodite was involved with this, and confirmed today that it is indeed by Aphrodite & Claudio from Urban Shakedown… this makes sense because of some of the sounds in the track, not to mention the overall awesomely choppy amiga production. Specifically, the pitch down effect is one of my favorite sounds in a lot of Urban Shakedown / early Aphrodite Recordings tracks. Because of the low bitrate of the original sample, pitching it down ends up having an unintended bit-degrading effect at the same time which has yet to be reproduced in any new sequencer/vst effects I’ve heard… just hearing that tiny fraction of a sound instantly brings me back to the good old days of screamtracker / 8 bit samples / mod files.

Moonwalk – A1

The A1 and B1 tracks on this EP are the standouts, In particular A1 (posted below) has a great intro section with the beats and melody massively chopped up together before the track stabilizes. According to Aphrodite, he actually threw out a box or two of these EPs a couple years ago, not realizing that they were be in demand… Thankfully they still aren’t TOO expensive as far as obscure white labels go (currently 10-20 pounds on discogs), but I’m sure it’ll continue to go up in price over time.

Edit on Sept 25, 08:Here’s another track from the EP – some samples from the first tune, but combined with a crazy gated zipper/laser sound. Dope stuff. This track isn’t from a personal rip, so it probably sounds better than my rip of the first tune (my needles suck right now)
Moonwalk – B1

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