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Menace Makes 3 – Feel the Friction on My Feet

Been slack for a few days now so here’s a banger to make up for it… super catchy poppy stuff from Menace Makes 3 (aka Dylan Rhymes). This tune is in line with the other big Menace Make 3 tunes “Do you feel What I’m Feeling” and “Pure Hysteria”. Certainly not the most experimental or challenging tracks out there, all 3 feature catchy melodic stabs, catchier vocal hooks and solid breakwork – really fun hands-in-the-air tracks clearly made for the dancefloor and which fetch a fair price these days. This one has the added bonus on being on beautiful marble blue vinyl, with some great vocal bits throughout the track: the chanting at the beginning isfrom Quantum Jump – The Lone Ranger, and the main vocals are from a classic Strictly Rhythm jam Photon Inc “Generate Power”.

Menace Makes 3 – Feel the Friction On My Feet (The TTL Crew Mix)

4 Replies to “Menace Makes 3 – Feel the Friction on My Feet”

  1. Awesome! I follow you in Google Reader, and as soon as I saw “Menace Makes 3”, I was like “YEAH!” & clicked through. I remember that other song you put up from them before and it’s been in my ears a lot since then. So I had to hear this one ASAP.

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