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Subway – Launch Pad

Seeerious 92 banger for you all today… here’s a track I bought years and years ago and totally forgot the name of, even though I’ve probably had that ragga vocal breakdown running through my head ever since I first heard it. I’m guessing I missed it on my shelves since I tend to think of Rising High releases as more techno-y hardcore, which a lot of it is. However, there’s no denying this EP is classic breakbeat stuff though and through – 4 absolute belters by Andrew Wright (The Moog, “Hardcore Junglist… come with it!”), Christian Hartup (who did several good projects with Wright), and Tim Raidl (Hardcore Rhythm Team). This tune in particular is simple but deadly effective – great samples, great changeups, great track. They really don’t make ’em like this anymore…

Subway – Launch Pad

3 Replies to “Subway – Launch Pad”

  1. Dirt cheap but Launch Pad is a good mixing tune that goes well with some of the early Slammin Vinyl releases, just watch the start that needs mixing on the 4th rather than 8th beat of tune you’re mixing into.

  2. Nice to see our old tunes still being appreciated!! =) Launchpad tune was inspired by sifting through my oldest bro’s record collection and finding an old “smiley culture” single – “Police Officer”. The vocal hook was too good an opportunity to pass up at a time when labels like ‘slammin vinyl’ and ‘labello blanco’ were just churning out a lot of chaff with the same old samples.

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