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Da Dread – Subconscious Fears

Well, that was a nice vacation from posting… time to start chucking tunes up again though! Be sure to check the site next few days, I’m going to try to post a fair bit of stuff.

First up, a nice 93 track all about the drum programming/processing. Amens get pitched up and down, doubled up, timestretched, delayed with a tiny delay time, etc. For the bulk of the track there’s not even a pad in the background – just varied amen gymnastics with a solid break and big sub layered in. No idea about the artist behind this, I think he only had one EP out, however the label did a number of other great Eps (year of the dragon, ranski – dream of horns etc). All in all not the most mental thing ever but a nice change of pace from more melody or vocal dominated tunes and that break layered in with the amen is too good (ID please?)

Da Dread – Subconscious Fears

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