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M.A.N.I.C. – Feel It (Jungle Mix)

Looong time favorite track here, by the producers of I’m Coming Hardcore… be sure to check that link for a chill-inducing video of Spanish ravers going CRAZY to that tune. This track is from a bit later, using some oh-so-familiar but totally amazing samples: The Beatboxing Break from James Brown “Godfather Running the Joint” as used in “Never Try the Hippodrome”. The “Do it now Get Ill” vocal as sampled in Kaotic Chemistry – “Illegal Subs II”, where you can tell it’s sampled from that track since it also has the corresponding success n effect scratches mixed in. Synth hit as used in Ellis Dee & Swan-ee “Ruffneck Bizznizz”. The “Raggamuffin” vocal from wherever that “Dem me never tell you bout a raggamuffin business n ting” sample in Dance Conspiracy “Dub War” is from… plus a few more well rinsed bits from other hardcore tunes. Put all those together and you get a tune which, while not winning any originality awards, is IMPECCABLY constructed and a joy to listen to… bouncing between traditional hardcore stabs, more percussive sections ala “illegal subs 2”, and a lush euphoric piano breakdown.

On top of all that, like all Bass Zone records this one is pressed onto gorgeous colored vinyl… blue marbled in this case. Definitely one worth nabbing, as the other side is ace as well (by Trueblood of the oh-so-rare, not sure if and when I’ll get around to ripping my copy “Roots and Culture” EP)

Manic – Feel It (Jungle Mix)

10 Replies to “M.A.N.I.C. – Feel It (Jungle Mix)”

  1. I like that Marc Smith tune OK (still have it on my wants) but this one has more energy, changeups are more coherent, piano part is better…. plus it’s about 1/20th the price 🙂

  2. Not sure I agree on the piano part…. 😉

    Be interesting to know if either influenced the other as apart from the piano, they use very similar samples & both are constructed in a similar way.

    The Marc Smith tune is only pricey ‘cos Carl Cox used to play it…

  3. Having just chucked the cans on after a night of inebriation, the M.A.N.I.C tune is better than first thought. You’re right about the coherency, much better production & a quality bassline.

    Prime example of a well made obscure tune not grabbing the headlines due to not being played by the top jocks.

    Interesting label Bass Zone Records too as the Future 9T3 release after this one is also an underrated belter…. 😉

  4. the “Dem me never tell you bout a raggamuffin business n ting” sample is MC Merlin on ‘Megablast’ off the Bomb The Bass ‘Into The Dragon’ LP

    top blog by the way

  5. It was played on the Top Buzz tape at Dreamscape 5 for the trainspotters… Actually DJ Energy on the end of the tape but may be where people know it from…? 😉

  6. It wasn’t played that much by the top DJs, but Grooverider and Ellis Dee used to play it. It’s on a fairly well-known Grooverider set from Sterns 12/12/1992.

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