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DJ Exodus & Woody, take 2

Earlier today I posted a youtube video of the DJ Exodus & Woody “A Classic Skank” EP, which is probably my favorite Skeleton Records EP but one I haven’t tracked down yet. By sheer luck, the guy who originally posted the youtube video (freaky2uk) left a comment and emailed me the tracks. Thanks man! Normally I only post stuff I’ve ripped myself, but considering this is an exceptional EP and I know that the person who ripped it is OK w/ me sharing it, here are two of the three tracks from the EP.
“A Classic Skank” combines a classical piano part ala one of the Lighter mixes (but 2 years earlier), with the beltram “ecstacy!” vocal and top shelf beat programming. “Feel The Vibe” raises the rhythmic stakes even more… heavy bass, ragga toasting with amazing beats that are absolute ear candy in of themselves.

Nice one Freaky2UK… you can check more of his youtube rips at

DJ Exodus & Woody – A Classic Skank
DJ Exodus & Woody – Feel the Vibe

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13 Replies to “DJ Exodus & Woody, take 2”

  1. This is definitely the best thing Skeleton Records ever did.

    The ‘Bones Breaks To The Max’ track on this EP, that you haven’t posted was absolutely cained by some of the pirates in 1993. I presume it was named in homage to the Frankie Bones, Bonesbreaks series.

    Definitely a unique sounding track with the little kid shouting over it!

  2. cool, I didn’t think that about the title of that track, definitely makes sense though now that you mention it.

  3. I don’t think I’m going to make any giant ZIPs of the site… it would detract from the individual tracks and the time I put into ripping them / posting separate text blurbs and info for each. Torrents have their place, but the whole point of this blog is to NOT be total choice overload and just present individual tracks with full info / in-line previews at a reasonable pace, so people can choose to only check out stuff they’re actually going to listen to/like (and hopefully track down if they like the tune). I understand the desire to “gotta DL them all” but this site isn’t made for that, you’re better off looking for some oldschool mp3 collections on piratebay or demonoid..

  4. I WOULD LIKE TO THANK EVERY 1 WHO HAS PLACED COMMENT AND SUPPORTED MY TUNES.AND A BIG THANKS TO THE…..BLOG THE OLD SKOOL…i took a break in 98 to build my studio.and got into making tracks for white label purposes.and had a good break when one of our tracks went on to the artful dogder album.mixed 2002.cd2 track 20.if you can get hold of is wkd.i still have a little back catalog of stuff and some stuff that i have never released.well must dash…A MASSIVE THANKS TO YOU ALL.I WILL STAY IN TOUCH…..D.J.EXODUS

  5. This is a SICKKK ep!! both tracks here are stormers!! would love to know the acapella where the ‘feel the vibe’ vocal sample comes from??

  6. I think “a Classic Skank” samples Beethoven’s 14th Symphony (“Moonlight”). Had to post that. 🙂

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