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E.O.V. – Give It Up

Amen fans, today is your day… some serious 1995 choppy jungle here! No idea who wrote this EP, however I played the b side of this on one of my last jungletrain radio shows. that side is a great track for mixing, with a drop full of absurd pitched amen snare rolls that sound absolutey MENTAL… after that first drop though, the rest of the track chills out a bit, with the music sort of working its way into more solid chopped breaks. In contrast, this A side “Give it Up” is a bit more consistently crazy throughout. Mega chopped/delayed amen and cold sweat breakbeats fire away on top of some atmospheric noises and vocal samples. A brooding synth drops in partway through, before it resolves back to the crazy breaks-plus sub combo. The track as a whole feels like it could use more midrange, but still sounds good when I blast it at home (haven’t heard it on a system). SERIOUS TUNE.

EOV – EOV001a

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  1. according to discogs producers weren’t mentioned on the original release anyway. see

    maybe the “digital domain studio” might hel to find out who’s behind this one? one can’t be sure but it seems like Gordon Laing Matthewman a.k.a DJ Edge has used “Digital Domain” as moniker once on Rabibt City

    a missing link?

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