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International (Non-UK) Hardcore/Jungle mix

Here’s a set I tried to play on jungletrain 2 weeks ago, but I wasn’t happy with it because it had a lot of clipping and not all the tunes I wanted. So I went back and rerecorded it in one go, then edited that recording, taking out a few sections to make it extra lean (58 tracks in 99 minutes). Even with almost 60 tracks I left out a lot of fun tracks, some secret weapons and stuff which just didn’t fit the flow of the mix. So apologies if any favorites are missing like the Ajax Project EP. Regardless, hopefully this is interesting for anyone who, like me, is into underrated or less frequently heard hardcore/jungle tunes, as a lot of these tracks were never played by UK DJs and might have been largely unknown outside of their respective countries.

Also, a lot of these tunes I’ve previously posted one by one. Rather than avoid duplication, I’ve specifically included them in the mix so it’s easy to click through and get more info about them on this site.

Thanks to Psimmenos from B2VOS for providing me a NUTE tune to play as I’ve never been able to nab their EPs. I really wanted to make sure to feature a tune by them as they’re pretty nice and the only early oldskool related artist I know of from Greece.

Track Listing

Schedule 3 – Break U Down (US)
2Wice as Hard – Give it 2 Em (US)
Dragonfly – Visions of Rage (Sweden)
TDC – Nu Dimension (US)
World Dominance – Compression (US)
The Anixus – Feel Good (Italy)
Twang – There’s No If (Crash on Beat Version) (NL)
DJ Xpin – Hypersonic (Street Mix) (US)
Trauma – Coming Up Good (Sweden)
Open Skies – In Your Eyes (Norway)
Future Samples – Rastafar-I (US)
Pum Pum Brigade – Tuffer than Words (NL)
Leo Anibaldi – Bassbar (Italy)
Black Widow – The Stalk (US)
EKO – Warpath (US)
Phandenberg – Een (NL)
Dragonfly – I’ll Be right There (Sweden)
Xpando – Swarm (US)
The Rising Sons – Taiko Drum Bashing (US)
Atlas – ATS001 (US)
Space Cube – Mental Terror (Germany)
English Muffin – Dust Muffin (Toasted Mix) (US)
G104 – Looking Into a Bright Future (Germany)
White Punks on Dope – Here Come the British (Switzerland)
Transfiction – Daze the Crowd (Sweden)
Rotterdam Termination Source- Poing (Jump a little Higher mix) (NL)
Atom ™ – Antigroove (Germany)
Cheeba City – Hardcore Disco (Sweden)
Space Cube – Session (Germany)
Kanata – Soul (US)
One from the Posse- No Place Like Milk (Germany)
Atom ™ – Antigroove (Germany)
JLM Productions – Words Between Us (US)
Jason Mouse – Low Note Theory (US)
DJ Dara – Schizophrenia (US)
CULT Green 10” EP (Germany)
Bassman – Crazy (US)
Peanut Plant – Thru the Fire (Sweden)
Dragon Fly – Tribal Vibes (Sweden)
Babylon – Doors (DMT Remix) (Italy)
Subtropic – Jammin (US)
DJ Redoo – Life on the Edge (Germany)
Gianni Jay – Mercedes Benz (acid remix) (US)
Space Cube – Inbound (Germany)
Evil Maniax – 4xFunk (Bass in Ya Face) (NL)
Undercover Anarchist – Artcore (NL)
Syndicate – Jungle Fever (Australia)
Oscar Da Grouch – Last compound (US)
Mykal Rose – Ouncy Boy (US)
Soichi Terada – Mt Spasm (Japan)
Mental Bombin – Wicked Style (Germany)
Psychic Parasite – Go Like That! (Germany)
NUTE – Rave Alarm (Greece)
DJ Mach V – I Heat Up (Australia)
(Sorry to the happy hardcore haters, had to get this one in there!
Digital Konfusion- Kill Dem Dead (Steak’s Ill-matic remix) (US)
Jason Jinx – Gonna Be (US)
ECP – Generate (Germany)
DJ Rescue – Surround Sound (Germany)

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Also, check the interview I did with Josh Kay of Global / Soul Oddity regarding the Texas scene, and I’ve got an upcoming interview planned with one of the artists featured heavily in this mix.

4 Replies to “International (Non-UK) Hardcore/Jungle mix”

  1. Nice. I spent half a year doing research on this exact topic, collecting files, sorting for a series of country-specific and multi-national mixes, but I never had the cash to buy the ones I couldn’t download, and that hard drive has since gone missing. Lots of the stuff I was planning on throwing down is in here–so thanks, good work. You need some France, Estonia and Israel on there, though. 😉

  2. Hah, I’ve got an early DJ Cam 7″ I could have put in there for France (forgot about it), dunno about jungle from those other countries from early on, feel free to fill me in. Wish I could find some early stuf from Turkey, India, Brazil, etc

  3. just checked and I’ve had some Estonian release on my wantlist for a few years but have never found a copy (robo vs lu k), if anyone has a spare feel free to let me know

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