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Leo Anibaldi – Bassbar

Here’s an absolute classic that was on my want list for 13 years or so before I actually scored a copy on vinyl. Leo Anibaldi was more known for his awesome “sound of rome” style dark italian techno stuff, from the same scene that brought us Lory D, Andrea Benedetti, Gabriele Rizzo, etc. However, his first EP also had a great breakbeat hardcore track on it which was pretty ahead of its time, considering that the EP came out in 91. This tune is best known for being played by Top Buzz in their 1991-92 New Year’s Eve set, which is an all-time favorite for a lot of people.
Also, be sure to check This video of Lory D + Leo Anibaldi on Italian TV, where Leo Anibaldi plays some crazy rave track live which unfortunately never made it to vinyl.

Leo Anibaldi – Bassbar

7 Replies to “Leo Anibaldi – Bassbar”

  1. Ciao! thanks for the review and for sharing old infos with the world!
    Leo is well active nowadays: new label, new music, live gigs…still going strong!!
    A whole new experimental album (chill-out & d’n’b mostly) will come out in a month or 2, so stay tuned…

    check out our website for more infos

    Thanks again, we love the site!!


  2. A massive tune that was played a lot by Phantasy as well as Top Buzz. It kind of pre-empts the ‘dark’ sound with those killer chords. I also like Leo’s techno tunes from that time – the Riders of the Future ep being particularly good.

  3. Sounds odd without out the MC chanting “Let me, let me show you the way to go!” which is how I’m used to hearing it on some old Top Buzz mix. Great tune, nice to hear a cleaner version.

  4. I keep expecting “Music Takes You” by Blame to start fading in! Classic tunes.

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