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Xpando – Swarm

Since I’m based in the States, I’m always looking for those few breakbeat hardcore / jungle records that made it out of the US between 1992 and 95… one which has been on the top of my wants for a while is Xpando – Swarm. In case the discogs stats don’t make it clear, this record is mega rare and hard to find, I don’t think I’ve ever even seen a copy of it sold. Luckily, Simfonik just put up a copy on his great LA rave blog :

XPANDO – SWARM (Streaming MP3s)

Right now it looks like they’re meant to be streaming only, though if you choose to circumvent that you’ll find that the backing mp3s are pleasantly high-res 🙂 Here’s some streaming versions on Youtube, thanks to a reader of this blog who convinced someone to rip and post them:

Iif anyone in the US has a copy of this and is down to sell, drop me a line.

5 Replies to “Xpando – Swarm”

  1. simfonik [dot] com/audio/xpando-swarm-a-1993.mp3
    simfonik [dot] com/audio/xpando-swarm-b1-1993.mp3
    simfonik [dot] com/audio/xpando-swarm-b2-1993.mp3

  2. im also very interested in hearing more hardcore from la, or anywhere in america for that right, like that adam x shit out of nyc, is pretty sick. do you know of any more? ive got one 12 inch that has that juice dawg song by smashing atoms and some other sorta of industrial sounding hardcore, but i dont know where to even start looking for other stuff.

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