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Pum Pum Brigade – Tuffer Than Words

Here’s a nice EP I took a chance on recently, because it was cheap and I noticed it was released in the NL not UK – not sure if the artist behind it was Dutch as well, but I’m always looking for hardcore tunes produced and released outside of the UK 91-95. Despite the lulzy artist name, there’s 4 tracks of really solid late 91/early 92 style ragga hardcore here. This is probably my favorite because of the intro – the synth starts up with vocals on top, then cuts for an extended vocal sample, before kicking back in with the main song.. not something you hear all the time! Otherwise it’s a nice bleepy ragga hardcore track, pretty repetitive and with way too long of a fade out, but definitely vibey. Any artist info or info about the reggae samples here would be appreciated.

I opened the Ustream on Friday with this and ID’d it for a couple friends, so if you want to get the scoop on tracks like these TUNE IN because there’s no telling how long it’ll take me from playing a track on there to actually posting it here…cheap copies might be bought up by then >:)

Pum Pum Brigade – Tuffer Than Words

5 Replies to “Pum Pum Brigade – Tuffer Than Words”

  1. sweeet track! the 8-bit-y sound almost makes it sound kinda modern-retro-y! 😀 nice one!

  2. Made the track .. thanx for finding it .. don’t have the music again ,
    lost the EP ( and all my other shit ) anyway could u please send all the tracks on it as mp3’s ?

    Made also a XIV EP on Torso-Dance if you would run into that EP same
    request as above applies

    And no I’m not dutch I’m Mixed : I’m from Belgium mixed with the following cultures : Poland / Aruba / jewish .. as you can hear lol ?

    If there’s anything I can do to return the favor … feel free to mail me !!

  3. cool, will rip it tonight and send it!
    Also, I’ll update the location.. was going off the fact that the label was in the Netherlands. Do you know anyone else in Belgium or NL who was doing hardcore with breakbeats back then? Some dutch gabber guys ended up doing it, but I’m curious about other 91-93 tracks from Belgium and NL that sounded like the hardcore coming out of the UK back then.

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