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Undercover Anarchist – Artcore

Here’s a great breakbeat track on a gabber/”artcore” label out of the Netherlands, Ruffneck Records. According to discogs, the guy who wrote this record(Patrick van Kerckhoven) was also the label head and was heavily interestered in bringing breakbeat sounds into dutch hardcore, under the name “art-core” (not to be confused with The jungle ARTCORE). This is even more evident on the Limited Edition EP, which I haven’t scored as it goes for quite a bit. This other EP features heavy Trip 2 The Moon sampling. However, this track is also awesome, and definitely one which may have slipped under the radar of a lot of collectors.

Undercover Anarchist – Art-core

As a bonus, here’s some videos by the source of Patrick’s artist name… some of my favorite hiphop ever!!

I’ve got most of the good Silver Bullet records, the two releases I’m missing are the album itself (which I think includes a different version of “20 seconds to comply” than any of the singles I have), and a 7″EP which contains this track:

5 Replies to “Undercover Anarchist – Artcore”

  1. Wicked Silver Bullet vids – awesome stuff – haven’t him out for a while! And doesn’t he look young, etc…
    Can’t believe I never realised before that the break from 20 seconds to comply is the same as the Hibrid mix of Closer to all your dreams!

  2. Hi Pete,

    just discovered the blog; sweeeeeeeeeet, need I say more?!

    Actually owned Silver Bullet’s album back in the days, but sold most of my hip hop cd’s back then.
    I did make a rip of 20 seconds before selling it off though, so I could hook you up with the album version of that track. Seems only fair after all these presents you’re giving us.

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