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Unknown Artist (Cult – MZN 3547 / MZN 3548 )

I wasn’t lying about that 1+ post a day thing… starting things off with a crazy good not-so-well-known single from Germany. This Cult EP tends towards the more hard,experimental side of things – the other side has more chunky less breaky tunes, but these two tracks do it for me – total choppy break madness, with gloriously grimey amiga (?) production with changeups every turn. I really wish I knew who was behind these EPs, perhaps I need to hit up some oldschool German friends to see if any of them know the label/ any info. I remember seeing Tykal mention them a few years ago but don’t remember if he had determined who wrote them.
In the meantime, anybody who likes these, definitely check for them online as they can still be found for cheap – I believe Simon Underground has a number of copies he’s selling for 6 pounds a piece.

Cult – MZ3547 A1
Cult – MZ3547 A2

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