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2 Hi – Jump A Little Hi-er

Here’s a tune 100% removed from that last DJ Rap tune Tim posted… a fun cheesy banging 92 Dutch rave track. This probably won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but I’ve had it stuck in my head from some early US mix so up it goes. As the title indicates, this tune swipes the “jump, jump, a little higher” line from the Jungle Brothers classic “I’ll House You” acapella, adding breakbeats, a lead synth from Black Box “Strike it Up”, plus a few assorted bells and whistles. It was made by two Dutch producers responsible for quite a few early rave & gabber tracks under a variety of aliases (KA-1 – Metamorphosis being the first one that stuck out to me as something I like / own / play).

2 Hi – Jump A Little Hi-Er (Club Jump)

Incidentally, Rotterdam Termination Source released a quite similar tune right around the same time, in the form of the “Jump A Little Higher” remix of their gabber classic “Poing”. Same Jungle Brothers sample + breakbeat combo, similar extremely bouncey bass. I’d be curious to find out which track came first, and if these producers worked with RTS or if someone took some liberties with someone else’s idea? It definitey seems to close to be a coincidence.

The Poing remix is quite a bit faster than the 2-Hi track, has heavier breakbeats (ala 2 Bad Mice “Waremouse”) and amazing percolator drips which kick in about 2 minutes into the track (easily my favorite part of it). At the same time, the bass is somehow even bouncier than in the 2-hi tune, definitely geared more for early habber fans. This “Poing” remix was definitely played by some UK DJs, I definitely remember it from a GE Real studio mix… not sure which DJs played the 2-Hi (other than the US tape I’ve got it from, the name of which eludes me now).

Unlike the 2 Hi (which is only on vinyl though quite cheap/easy to find), the “Poing” remix is available on many digital stores like Juno and Beatport. Someone buy it and make me a “bouncy bass”-less edit primarily featuring the percolator part, breakbeats + vocals 🙂

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