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3 Replies to “2wice as Hard – Give it 2-em”

  1. what a quality site m8 im 31 and the hairs on my neck r standing up!!!!!!!!!!!! nostalgia overload. keep it up ure making sooo many people happy me included. have u any omni trio ive nearly every vinyl they pressed can i up load??? also have most moving shadow 92 and up. ta m8 ure the guvnor look after ure self

  2. thanks, I’m glad you’re liking the site! Yeah I’ve got a lot of omni trio stuff (definitely not all of it though), I don’t post it up here because it’s on Moving Shadow, and that label has their entire discography for sale digitally online. I’ve got some wicked tracks by Rob Haigh under other aliases & not on moving shadow though, will try to post some up soon.

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