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Theory – Funkin Since 11

Damn, back to slacking with the tune posts…. here’s an odd obscure-for-the-sake-of tune to make up for it. No idea about this one, other than I’d never seen it before so took a chance on it. It’s supposedly a US record (according to Discogs), though I don’t remember whether there was any indication about that on the record or if someone just made a guess when listing it on discogs. Music-wise, It’s a sampleadelic hodgepodge of various riffs, acid squelches, questionable vocals, etc; total “Throw the whole plate at the wall and see what sticks’ style. Also, the first sample in the tune sounds like the intro of the Liquid Aliens EP, might be the same source sample? Not sure what else to add really, it’s just an odd, fun tune that I doubt other people have heard, so give it a listen.

Theory – Funkin Since 11

Mad Bats – Wake the Town

OK, one more another mega obscurity. I promise I’ll get back to the slightly more well known stuff soon! Here’s something I found a few years ago while digging through non-UK oldskool jungle related listings on discogs (in this case, stuff from the US). I got it for a buck, had it in my sell pile for a while, then recently chucked it on the decks for one last listen while grabbing stuff for a recent record fair. For some reason, I kinda liked it in an odd way, so kept it for now… Honestly, I can’t fully justify that as there’s nothing too crazy happening here, just a classic reggae sample stuttered and some vaguely trancey synths with dnb-ish beats. But it is a nice combo and stuck with me a bit. Of course no idea about the artist, and the label put out all sorts of electronic stuff from house music to techno hardcore, acid, etc One thing I can guarantee is that almost no one checking this blog (short of Tykal) has probably heard this before, so here, give it a listen.

Mad Bats – Wake The Town

International (Non-UK) Hardcore/Jungle mix

Here’s a set I tried to play on jungletrain 2 weeks ago, but I wasn’t happy with it because it had a lot of clipping and not all the tunes I wanted. So I went back and rerecorded it in one go, then edited that recording, taking out a few sections to make it extra lean (58 tracks in 99 minutes). Even with almost 60 tracks I left out a lot of fun tracks, some secret weapons and stuff which just didn’t fit the flow of the mix. So apologies if any favorites are missing like the Ajax Project EP. Regardless, hopefully this is interesting for anyone who, like me, is into underrated or less frequently heard hardcore/jungle tunes, as a lot of these tracks were never played by UK DJs and might have been largely unknown outside of their respective countries.

Also, a lot of these tunes I’ve previously posted one by one. Rather than avoid duplication, I’ve specifically included them in the mix so it’s easy to click through and get more info about them on this site.

Thanks to Psimmenos from B2VOS for providing me a NUTE tune to play as I’ve never been able to nab their EPs. I really wanted to make sure to feature a tune by them as they’re pretty nice and the only early oldskool related artist I know of from Greece.

Continue reading… International (Non-UK) Hardcore/Jungle mix

Unknown Artist – Atlas

Time for another obscurer-than-obscure jam, here’s a tune I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone else play? This one’s a bit interesting since it’s supposedly a US plate from 93, though it sounds more like something from the UK circa 91. There’s certainly no info on the release itself so I’m not sure where the location and year came from, but if they’re accurate then those facts probably precluded it from being used in any uk mixes (since tracks were much faster and different by then). On its own, it’s a nice tune which straddles the techno-breakbeat divide nicely. Since there’s absolutely no info on this release, I’d really like to know if anyone has info on who released it / where the label was located? Feel free to post a comment here! Until then, check this track and grab it if you like it (still pretty cheap / easy to find).

Unknown Artist – Atlas

Aka Bu – Jungle Vibes

Here’s another obscurity I dug up a while back, one for the jungle nerds (like me) looking to hear those last few records no one really knows. Since there wasn’t any audio of it on the net, I ripped the whole thing and posted it on youtube rather than just ripping one track for the blog (though I’m including one tune below for the sake of completeness). On first listen, you might think this is a poor rip of the tracks due to the distortion, however that’s how the tunes actually sound on the record. Most likely they seem to be sampled from existing jungle tunes, and looped up drum-wise (not much editing going on with the drums). But they’re still a bit interesting, maybe more for mixing purposes than for listening to a 7 minute jungle song through-and-through.

In my mind, a bit more interesting than the tunes themselves are the circumstances surrounding these tunes: these were made by a producer (possibly associated w/ Afrika Bambaataa’s Zulu Nation movement?) at a Miami Studio, for an Italian label, circa 1994. As far as I know, this producer didn’t do any other jungle, however if they were from Miami the jungle connection could make sense since there was definitely some miami/jungle crossover around then, thanks to people like AK-1200 bringing hardcore/jungle to Florida early on and also the Bass Music scene’s dabbling in jungle/hardcore sounds. You can definitely hear a few classic jungle bits from then incorporated into these tunes – “Worries in the Dance” and “Incredible” being the most obvious.

Finally, if you do track this down (it’s quite cheap), be sure to get a full picture sleeve version, as the art is pretty nice and the b-side has nice graffiti lettering slightly reminiscent of Dave Nodz’s work on some Sub Base sleeves.

The first 2 mixes are pretty similar, with the second one being a bit more trebbly and adding some acid. The third mix is pretty different, a bit less boom-y anhd probably the most solid / the one I’d throw in a mix. They’re all worth checking out though, especially for the obscurity heads.

Aka Bu – Jungle Vibes (Part 3)

27th Parallel – Listen to Mommy and Daddy

One of these days I’ll follow through with my threat to do an entirely non-UK 91-95 oldskool mix. Until then, here’s another nifty not-made-in-England hardcore tune I’ve dug up over the years. Unfortunately I don’t have any info about the artist, but the label address says Miami,a nd “27th Parallel” is a latitude line intersecting Florida and Texas so, err… you do the math.

The EP has the standard trappings of most us rave related tunes of the time: heavy emphasis on the RAVE and techno, less focus on breakwork. Still, it’s a fun tune, and quite an obscurity – most likely NOT something UK DJs were caning back in these days. That crusty amen clattering away throughout the tune definitely works for me, combined with the veritable potpourri of ravey samples thrown on top (including the classic vocal from the track title). From what I’ve heard, Florida had quite a strong Rave scene back in these days, so this tune makes me wonder what other similar jams might have made it out back then.

27th Parallel – Listen To Mommy And Daddy

The Reel Master – Child’s Play

Here’s another track I probably should have posted around Halloween, but forgot. I don’t really feel like waiting a full year until next Halloween to post it, so, here goes.
As the name indicates, “Child’s Play” is a classic 91 horror-themed breakbeat tune along the lines of tracks by The Psychopaths on Elicit or maybe That Freddy Krueger Holy Noise track. It might also be AKA that Child’s Play sampling hardcore tune which is ISN’T 150 Volts – Hi I’m Chucky. Release in the States on the Nu-Groove sublabel Rhythmatic Rage, it was made by Peter Presta, a well known NY house DJ who also released on labels like Strictly Rhythm and Nu Groove itself. This track was written in that magic couple year period where NY producers like Frankie Bones, Tommy Musto, Lennie Dee, Ralphie Dee etc were absolutey killing it with post-freestyle breakbeat-y house tracks, giving some of that energy that ended up in 92 hardcore but at a slower bpm. Aside from the Child’s play samples, there’s plenty of other familiar bits showing up – the “party!” chant and “whoo!” as used in a million house/techno tracks at the time (including Joey Beltram’s “Panic” which was released on the same label), “Give It Up Or Turn It Loose” break with some more bleepy electro sounds mixed on top. Really nice stuff, maybe a bit slow and skeletal for fans of later jungle but if you love your 90/91 stuff this will be surely be up your alley!

The Reel Master – Childs Play

Oscar Da Grouch – Some Where

Here’s an interesting US jungle track from 1996, by N2O-affiliated LA jungle producer Oscar DA Grouch. Despite being from 96, this tune sounds much more like a 92-93 tune to me, with extra raw sound and the most bare bones of samples. The other tracks on this EP are more in-line with jungle circa its release date, but this one is definitely a fun little throwback, and probably a tune which fans of this earlier stuff might have missed out on.

Oscar Da Grouch – Some Where

Nature Boyeeeee – Nuts N Noise (Arthur Baker And The Backbeat Disciples – “Silly Games (Bonesbreak Dub Mix)

Here’s an interesting US record I found over the weekend….despite having stickered artwork on the sleeve, there wasn’t any artist info attached. One side sounded like early house/breaks/proto-hardcore (especially when pitched up as here) with the classic Liz Torres “No more Mindgames” sample. The other side is the “Used to Salsa” mash-up, a version of which featured on another bootleg I posted a while back, which also is the source of the break 2 bad mice used in “Bombscare”. Once I got home and dug around the net, I found out this “Mindgames” track is actually Arthur Baker And The Backbeat Disciples – “Silly Games (Bonesbreak Dub Mix)”. I was hoping to have found some kind of unknown early US house whitelabel, but I guess it’s just yet another killer early track by Frankie Bones. Bones, Lenny Dee, Tommy Musto et all really cranked out a serious number of great tunes back then!

Here I’ve got the tune pitched up to +8% since this is a hardcore blog and having it a bit faster makes the connection between this and the slightly later UK stuff more apparent. If you want it at original tempo, by all means buy a copy of this on wax – both the bootleg and the original are cheap and very worth owning!

Nature Boyeeeee – Nuts N Noise (+8%)

Black Widow – The Stalk

Here’s a weird EP I don’t see mentioned much… it’s on the New York label “Death Records” which otherwise focused on 4/4 hardcore and techno stuff (ala Industrial Strength). In fact, this EP is probably more “breakbeat techno” than it is breakbeat hardcore style – there’s breakbeats in it but the structure is much more technoey, without the typical changeups of a UK Tune. There’s also a harsh filtered techno synth line throughout. Still, gotta love that bass part, which sounds a lot like the first breakdown in “Tek Track” but is looped throughout the tune. The other side is also good but a lot longer, this tune kind of gets in and out in under 4 minutes.

Black Widow – The Stalk