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Blog to the Oldskool Radio October 24th: Halloween Darkside Special

In honor of halloween, here’s the darkside set I did on my radio show last Wednesday. I was hoping to get a chance to rerecord this and get it really nice sounding for today, but I’ve been crazy busy as of late. Also, listening back it’s not that bad aside from overall level inconsistency and a few dodgey measures (I removed a couple of the worst offenders) from when I started paying too much attention to the chatroom. More importantly, there’s TONS of absolute must-hear darkside jams in here. So check this raw version for now, but I reserve the right to record a similar mix with augmented tracklisting / better transitions / more soundtracks etc some time in the future!!

Also, if somehow the 70+ tracks in this mix STILL aren’t enough dark oldskool for you, you can check the “dark” tag to the right to see the more dark/evil type tunes I’ve posted on this site.

all vinyl except Factor 5, taken from my cd copy of the formation comp
From Beyond OST
Tango – Factor 5 (Album Mix)
Twin Bass – Daze of Reality
FBD Project – ???? (FBD3 I Think)
X-Certificate – Take Me
Untouchables – Don’t Be Afraid
Lost Tracks – Shum
Wax Doctor – Unfriendly
Man From Formation – Darken You With My Presence
Power Struggle – Thai Reed
Two Bad Mice – Underworld (DJ Hype Remix)
Lovedove Jay – Nitro
Nosebleed EP
Scott & Keith – Deranged
Assailant – I’ll give you something to scream about
Higer Octave – FLCL
Anthill Mob – Black Russian (Anthill Remix)
Holy Ghost – Psycho Missus
Uncle 22 – Dark Forces
Halloween 3 – OST
Smith Inc – Palamino
Doughboy + Crashead – 2 Evil Eyes
Mega City 2 – Darker Side Of Evil
Pugwash + Probe – Dominion
Dark N Dope – Dark N Dope
DJ Easy – Pitch Black
Tango – Think Twice
Doc Scott – Drumz VIP
Spiritual Combat – Rat Trap
Gappa G + Hypa – Roach is Burning
Essence of Aura – Can I Dream Remix
Bay B Kane – Hyd and Seek
The Alliance – New Creation Remix
DJ Buz – Slave
MR Mix + Terroreyes – Darkness
Trip The Snowball
Suspiria OST
****Ricky/Johnny/Scottie mix ***
(intro: Johnny Jungle Johnny Pascal Remix sampled into serato from vinyl + looped/chopped over the other tunes )
Johnny Jungle – Johnny (Original)
Subnation – Scottie’s Sub
Remarc – Ricky
Johnny Jungle – Johnny (Pascal Remix)
M-Beat – Dark Dub
The Invisible Man – The Beginning
Dream – The power OF Darkness
Krome & Time – Virtual Reality
Jamma – Candyman
DJ Harry + Point Blank – Cape Fear
Teknarchi – Free Flow
Ramos + Vinylgroover – The Beast
Ratty – Source of All Evil
Mega City 2 – Dark Child
Phrenetic – Candyman
Lovedove Jay – The Hitchcock Storey
Goldseal Tribe – You Will Die
Formula 7 – Dark Star
School of Hard Knocks – Kandyman
Boogie Times Tribe – The Dark Stranger
Violator – Vol 1
Dub Conspiracy – Da Gathering
On Remand – Blacksteel vol 2
Plasmic Life – Death Trip
Sky Joose – Tales of Darkness
Thief, A Terorrist and a Lunatic – No Stopping
DJ AKA – Africa
Bizzy B + Peshay – Merder Style
DJ Syko – Rufage 2 Da System
Edge of Darkness – Hell Raiser

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  1. dude WHAT isss the ID on the
    track after Krome and Time – Virtual Reality??

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