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Goldseal Tribe – You Will Die

It’s tough to pick a favorite track on the Goldseal Tribe “Michelob” EP, but this is the one for me… at least for this week! Tracks on this EP run the gamut from super catchy slowjam ravey stuff, to this dark hardcore/jungle jam “You Will Die”, which is not too far off from the tunes on Mega City 2’s “Darker Side of Evil” EP. Classic horror movie music and samples with solid breaks, utilizing a different far more literal notion of “dark” than most “darkside” stuff of the time, but still ace in its own way. Definitely high up on the list of “should own” lesser known 93 eps in my opinion, just way too much to like on this EP!

Goldseal Tribe- You Will Die

3 Replies to “Goldseal Tribe – You Will Die”

  1. Same ‘You will die right there’ sample as on Do or Die by Hype & Flex.

    Also features the classic sample from James Bond.

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