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Mega City 2

Here’s some qualty darkness for today… Mega City 2 are most well known for “Darker Side of Evil”, a track which heavily samples the movie Predator 2. They also did a nice 4 tracker called “Demons By Daylight”, which is an absolute horror movie / ominous synth sample-fest. The two tracks featured below are probably my favorites on this EP. “The Dark Child” uses tons of samples from the movie “Children of the Corn”. “I still dream” changes things up quite a bit… starting with ominous music from “Cape Fear”, this track inexplicably switches partway through to happy pianos, diva vocals and Kate Bush. It’s a completely schizophrenic tune that only could have been made in the heyday of 92-93 hardcore.

Mega City 2 – Darker Side of Evil

Mega City 2 – Dark Child
Mega City 2 – I Still Dream

7 Replies to “Mega City 2”

  1. Sounds like
    Man called Adam – Barefoot in the Head
    is in there and
    Cherele n Alexander O Neil – Saturday Love

  2. the tune i was thinking of featured lines from both predator films
    lines like
    the jungle, just came alive and took him
    fucking voodoo magic man hahahahah
    you can’t see what cant’t be seen
    you can’t hear what can’t be heard
    you can’t kill what can’t be killed
    or something alone them lines, lol
    and a few others i can’t remember
    well it was over 15 years ago
    also another tune i was after was
    white knight or something like that
    a line go’s something like
    you can be my knight whos watching over me

  3. also another choon i was after has the lines
    you could be my knight
    you could by my knight
    you could be my knight who’s watching over me
    you, you could be
    you, you could be
    or something like that
    any ideas
    white knight rings a bell but found nothing
    please help its driving me mad
    i’ve smoked too much in the last 16 years to remember names of choons
    too many pills and potions floating about in them days
    they might have cost more back then but a lot better buzz
    cheers mate

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