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A Thief, A Terrorist and a Lunatic – Track Two

This track is pretty atypical for Luna C (of Smart ees/Kniteforce Recs fame), but not entirely without precedent since he also did the “Snowball” EP which was a pretty damn dark record. This EP is three tracks of really solid 93 darkcore type stuff – one tune samples Meng Syndicate “Carpe Diem”, one Predator 2, and this last track on the EP uses a diva vocals in a deep + dark way ala X-Certificate “Take Me”. A really solid release, shame it’s not posted up on the website…

A Thief A Terrorist And A Lunatic – Track Two

4 Replies to “A Thief, A Terrorist and a Lunatic – Track Two”

  1. chris is great, there really isnt anything under the hardcore/jungle umbrella that is out of character for him

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