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Formula 7 – Dark Star

Here’s a great track by Formula 7 of Quayside recordings. It wasn’t my favorite track at first, but after hearing it over and over in a Ratty mix I really started to like it – the constantly pitch shifted vocals with layered non-pitch shifted think break hits on top, coupled with the strange melodies really get wedged in your head after a while. I still prefer “Time Strech the Bass / War Cries” as the rest of this EP is a little inconsistent, but this is still a nice record worth checking out.

Formula 7 – Dark Star

2 Replies to “Formula 7 – Dark Star”

  1. Yes indeed! This 12″ is truly underrated. I got my copy just for £ 2.99 and thought what the *** ?!?! All 4 tracks are worth mentioning.. Chopped hardcore/jungle of golden 93 trick-style. I was surprised to see, that this track was actually sampled in Heretik (2) – Suppressive Measures EP. in 1997. Good choice! 😉

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