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DJ Syko – Ruffage 2 The System

Here’s a frantic 94 track by DJ Syko of Syko & Mak / Parliament Records fame, on the Parliament sublabel Candidate Records. Nowhere near as sampleadelic as his earlier singles, this tune combines choppy amens + funky mule break (a great combo) with some shrill siren noises and standard 94 pads, plus that “ow!” hit sound used most famously in Edge #1. The breakdown brings in classic Sinnamon “Need You Now” vocals as used in all sorts of other hardcore/jungle tunes. This might not be my favorite Candidate single for listening purposes (I prefer the Persons Unknown singles), but I definitely find myself spinning this more than those singles lately… it juts seems to blend well with other tunes, and those first few moments when both drum layeres and the sirens are firing just sounds totally bonkers to me.
Also, the price is right on this one, as opposed to that Haute Control single that always goes for $$ (or PM#1). All in all, a nice sleeper release people might want to check if they already know some of the other Parliament / Candidate stuff.

DJ Syko – Ruffage 2 The System

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